If You Suck At Texting, I'm Not The Girl For You

Although it may not appear significant, the way two people communicate via text can reveal a lot about their compatibility in a relationship. If I find it unbearable to have even a simple conversation with you over text, it's the reason why I'd rather seek a relationship with someone else.

1. Yeah, Texting Is A Big Freakin' Deal These Days!

Do not attempt to convince me that texting is insignificant or that you do not prefer it. I am not convinced by the excuses you are making. It is currently 2017, and smartphones are ubiquitous. Texting is as common as breathing; we all do it frequently. You may attempt to claim that you are unique, but I am extremely skeptical.


2. One-word Answers Make You Seem Boring AF

Your habit of responding with one-word answers bothers me considerably. Are you unable to spare the time to compose a more detailed message than a mere "K"? Don't I merit a bit more effort than that? Numerous guys believe it's acceptable to dismiss women with a single-word text, but I disagree. If you behave this way with me, I won't initiate contact with you again.


3. I Think Before I Text, And So Should You

Before texting a guy, I don't merely spout random gibberish from my mind; rather, I reflect on what I want to say. I put effort into crafting my messages by asking questions and ensuring that my content is compelling. If you text me without bothering to consider what you're saying, I won't tolerate it. I don't have the time to squander on men who behave that way.


4. I Don't Want An Essay, Just A Little More Than An Emoticon

I don't expect you to compose a novel or an autobiography when texting me. Long messages can be exhausting for both of us. However, if you reply to me with a smiley face instead of a proper response, it irritates me. Emoticons alone do not suffice as a conversation unless you're still in preschool. Be more mature, and then we can converse.


5. If You Can't Hold Up A Conversation Via Text, How Will You IRL?

The primary reason why these half-hearted texts are so exasperating is that they reveal your true character. If you are unable to maintain a conversation via text when you have ample time to construct a response, how do you manage to interact with people in the real world? If, during our relationship, I am the only one contributing to the conversation, neither of us will enjoy it.


6. Sorry, But I'll Judge Your Spelling And Grammar

Individuals who struggle with spelling need not submit their applications. If you find it difficult to construct a coherent sentence, I don't believe we will be compatible. This may stem from an inherent instinct to seek an intelligent partner. Essentially, I do not want my future children to be intellectually deficient.


7. I Don't Buy This "too Busy To Text" BS

When you claim to be "too busy to text," all I perceive is that "you do not respect anyone's time except your own." Nobody is so busy that they cannot spare a couple of minutes to respond to a text. The reality is that if you intended to message me, you would have done so.

8. Texting Someone Back Shows That You Give A Damn

When you reply to someone's text promptly, it demonstrates that you care about them. This is not a sign of weakness. You don't have to play any mind games with me; I want a man who isn't hesitant to show that he cares for me. That's the kind of guy who's right for me. If you fit that description, feel free to text me back when you have a moment.


9. If You've Got No Sense Of Humor, That's A Major Red Flag

When I'm texting a guy, I get a glimpse of his personality. If he's unable to participate in some playful banter, we're not compatible. I desire a man who can laugh at himself and with me. Life isn't just about being serious and taking everything to heart.

10. If I Don't Get Butterflies When I Hear That 'ping', We're Done

Alright, this one is out of your control. If I'm interested in you, my stomach will do flip-flops when I hear my phone ring. If I hear the sound and don't even bother to check my phone, then it's not love or even lust. It's better to know this now so we can both move on.