If You See These 7 Things, Then You Have Finally Found A Genuine Friend

If You See These 7 Things, Then You Have Finally Found A Genuine Friend

Some friends will stick closer than blood. They are like angels sent to you from above to make the journey of life easier.

It's hard finding a genuine friend, especially in a world full of fake friends who make you think the world of them, only for them to let you down when you need them the most.

But sometimes, you hit the friendship lottery and find a genuine friend. Here are some qualities you will find in this kind of friend.

1. Total Acceptance

A true friend is a lot like a true lover in that he/she will hold nothing against you. To them, you are perfect just the way you are. They will not try to change you into something you are not. They respect any differences that might exist between you, and they never make you feel guilty or strange for being yourself.

2. They Re-energize You

Some friends make you feel drained, but genuine friends make you feel uplifted and fulfilled after coming into your life. Bad friends bring negativity into your life, which is what wears you out. But a genuine friend will make you feel better when life deals you a blow.

3. They Stick It Out

A genuine friend does not back off when things get hard. So, a friendship that somehow stops working when you are going through hell is far from being genuine. Genuine friends will stand by your side through thick and thin.

4. They Don't Gossip About You

A genuine friend will not want people to talk ill of you behind your back, let alone contribute to such discussions. When you do something bad, they will tell you upfront rather than spread rumors about you. They want you to get better if you have made any mistakes. Gossipers don't give a damn about your life.

5. They Celebrate Your Successes

A true friend does not get jealous when you achieve something they have not. This friend will celebrate with you. You will know them easily because you will want to share every achievement you make in your life. It's because your success is their success. Friends who get overtly or secretly jealous when you make progress in life are fake and don't deserve a place in your life.

6. They Are Not Possessive

With a genuine friend, when a new friend or a lover gets into your life and takes up some of your precious time, there is never a problem. This friend wants you to be happy, even when they are not the source of that happiness.

7. They Stay In Touch

This is very important. A genuine friend will try to stay in touch at all times. You don't have to look for them all over the place without success. A genuine friend will always take time off their schedules to get in touch so you can spend time together.

Anyone who finds a good friend has truly discovered a treasure because such friends are incredibly rare. So, if you have a friend with the above qualities, you are fortunate. Friends don't get better than this.