If You Love Someone, Set Them Free; If They Come Back, Set Them Free Again

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free; If They Come Back, Set Them Free Again

Usually, the saying goes like this: if you love someone, set them free; if they come back, they are yours. But today, we are saying that if you love someone, you should set them free, and even if they come back, you should still set them free.

Think about it…

If you loved them strongly enough to let them free the first time, you should have no problem doing it again and again as long as you still love them. True love endures, and it's consistent.

Another thing people need to understand is the meaning of the words "set them free."

This does not mean you should try to push the people you love away and see if they come back. No, that's not the idea.

Setting the person you love free means not trying to cling to them against their will. As you know, being in love with someone does not automatically mean they are in love with you.

So, if you are making someone stay with you through guilt or threats, you are enslaving them with your "love." True love is not that possessive, and it cannot stand seeing any form of unfairness in those it touches.

True Love Is Freedom

if you love someone, set them free; if they come back, set them free again

Love cannot be forced. Yes, it can involve lots of sacrifices, but those are not forced either.

It's not always true that if you let someone go, they will come back. You might be wishing to death that the person you have fallen for will stay by your side all your life. But that doesn't always happen.

Sometimes, the love of your life does not consider you the love of their life. That means they can go away in the hope of finding their soul mate in someone else.

If the person comes back, then the love is probably mutual. And there is no better feeling than knowing that the person you want so badly to be in your life can't live without you.

If you fail to give the person a chance to realize they are into you, you will never enjoy this special pleasure.

Letting go of those we love is not the easiest thing. We want to do all we can to ensure they stay. Nobody is saying that you shouldn't. However, there are extents you should not go to make the person stick around.

It's About Learning To Move On

if you love someone, set them free; if they come back, set them free again

The person you love with all your heart wants out. It's not your fault, and it's not necessarily their fault either. You did not do anything wrong, and they have every reason to be thankful you ever met. But still, they feel like you are not right for them.

Don't guilt the person or manipulate them into staying. Let them go.

Yes, it will hurt, and you will be miserable for a while. But if you really love them, that's the least you can do.

In all likelihood, the love of your life has not made the realization you made about them long ago: this relationship is as good as it can get for you.

Once they come around, they will be back, and there will be no doubts and uncertainties to come between you and keep you apart.

What is meant to be will be. Nothing can stop the unstoppable power of love. As long as the love is true, it will get over anything you face in your life.

It's much better knowing you loved and lost than living with the fear that the person you love the most could walk out of your life at any time.

But if the person wants out and you let them, you will at least have the comfort of knowing that you did all you could and that you did it for love.

When you force someone to be with you, that's not done out of love but out of fear. The moment you love someone completely, you fear nothing. You are simply willing to accept whatever fate awaits you and the future you might have together. It's the ultimate "ride or die" scenario.

You don't feel embarrassed when you lose the person you love. True love is much stronger than these petty emotions.

Be Glad You Loved

if you love someone, set them free; if they come back, set them free again

Many people say they loved the love of their lives, but not all of them mean it. True love is much deeper than most people imagine.

It does not fade away just because the person walked away and never looked back. It does not magically disappear because the person did not treat you right or appreciate all you were willing to do for them.

True love is much more powerful than all the bad things people believe can destroy the special love couples share.

And so, even if the person walks away, you still know you loved them with your all, and you don't find that embarrassing. If they never come back, it's more comfortable moving on from that, and you will be thankful you got a chance to love someone that deeply.

Many people go through all their lives without knowing how it feels to love someone with every fiber of their being. These people don't easily understand how you can love someone and wish them all the happiness they can get in life even though they have chosen someone else over you.

Want The Very Best For Them

if you love someone, set them free; if they come back, set them free again

Have you ever loved someone so much that you are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure they have a better life for themselves? Most parents understand this as a simple fact of life.

True romantic love should not be any different.

When you love your partner for real, you want the best life for them, even if you might not be in a position to offer it.

Obviously, you would kill for a chance to be their greatest source of happiness. But you will also be willing to step aside to ensure they get this life even without your assistance.

You don't get jealous. You celebrate the happiness they get out of life, even if that meant walking away from you.

He or she might be the "one that got away," but in your heart, the love you have for them burns just as strongly.

That's when you know you love someone for real, and that nothing can come between you.

It makes no difference if they feel the same about you, or if they are the kind of partner you had in mind.

You tear up your perfect partner list and follow your heart's lead the moment you meet the one. You accept them in every way and are willing to love them in all the ways a person can love another.

And so, if you love someone, set them free, and if they come back, set them free again. That is the ultimate proof that the love you have for them is real.