If You Love Her, Don't Destroy Her

If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

It's true you love her.

I mean, why else would you be with her.

But you are human, and our most defining trait is our ability to make mistakes. So, you might be loving her in the wrong ways.

You can turn the healthy and happy relationship you have into a bad relationship by mistreating her.

That said, my hope is that you will treat her right and that you have what it takes to keep the relationship strong.


Do you remember the first time you saw her? Of course, you do. How could you forget? She was perfect for you. Her nature, her personality…. She was everything you ever hoped for in a girl.

You had never met such a complete person in your life.

But now that she is yours today, try to keep it that way. Let her uphold her beauty, her wild nature, her completeness.

She might have the final call on how she turns out. But also understand how important you are to her. The way you treat her will determine how she sees herself.


Therefore, in your hands is the power to make her shine and also the power to make her stand out. She is clay in your hands. But what are you molding her into?

You love her, right? Then don't destroy her.

She has been through that already, and she doesn't need to go through it again.

Remember that she had to overcome her fears and insecurities to be with you. For you, she decided to give love another chance. She has offered you her heart and expects that you will keep this relationship going.


So, don't disappoint her.

The day you decide you know her enough, you will have destroyed her. She should remain the mystery she is, take an interest in who she is every day.

Be there emotionally, since your emotional unavailability destroys who she is. You might be there physically, but be so far away emotionally. Similarly, you might be miles away, but still there with her emotionally.

Stir her thoughts and emotions. Explore who she is.


Let her know that you want her because it will ruin her to learn you need her. Loving her only when loneliness overcomes you is not the way to go. She wants you to love her all the time.

It's true that past experiences have broken you, but you should not pass on this emotional baggage onto her. What I'm saying is this – don't love her because you want her to help you heal. As long as you love her right, you will heal without even knowing it.


Her love is strong enough to heal, but if she knows you are using her to heal yourself, then she will know and be devastated by that.

Don't think that she is looking for something similar either. She may have related how she suffered in the past and had a heartbreak, but she didn't do it so that you can fix her. She wanted you to see her strength and how the experience made her better.

This girl wants you to accept that the way you act towards her with love and understanding is what really matters.


So, don't go around acting like she is broken. She is perfect the way she is. She might have been broken into pieces in the past. Try not to do it again. If you treat her right, she will realize that her worst made her better prepared for her best, and that is you.

Love her and all she is – flaws, insecurities, and all. If she is not perfect, then it's because you are not perfect either. Make her feel free to bare her soul to you.


She would like to be who she is in front of you – wild and free. If you fail to accept this, you will be destroying her.

Do you love her? Then help her grow as she is helping you grow. Whatever you are doing, she will put in twice as much effort.

Giver her the moon, and she will show you the galaxy.

Take her to the well, and she will show you the ocean.

Treat her well, and she will love you.