If You Have These Signs, You And Your Man Are A Total Power Couple

If You Have These Signs, You And Your Man Are A Total Power Couple

Power couples are as tough as they are admirable. On their own, each person is a force to be reckoned with. But together, they make a team that's greater than the sum of their parts.

A power couple is truly a match made in heaven, because the influence this couple wields is second to none.

So, we can all agree that being a power couple is a wonderful thing. And here are 14 signs that you and your partner fit the bill.

1. People You've Never Heard Of Know You

You meet new people and they know who you are, even though you have no clue who you are talking to. Your reputation precedes you, so to speak.

2. You Have Busy Schedules, But They Fit Your Relationship Perfectly

You are always up to something exciting. You take charge and make things happen, and that keeps you pretty busy. But somehow, you still have time for each other.

3. You Are Both Charming

You are not the couple that feels the need to stick together when in social settings, keep a low profile, and then slip out early. Instead, you meet new people and have fun and are on everyone's mind by the time the party is over.

4. He Is Your Greatest Fan, And You Are His

You know each other inside out and are very supportive of each other's goals and ambitions. While other couples are grappling with personal insecurities as their partners advance career-wise, you are busy cheering each other up so that your dreams become a reality.

5. You Make Each Other Better

You are there for each other, ensuring that each is as good as they can be at what they do. You motivate each other and your love for each other endures.

6. You Are Not Afraid To Compete, Even Against Each Other

While other couples try not to appear to compete against each other, you can do it without your relationship being at risk. You make competitions fun.

7. None Of You Is Clingy

Some partners feel left out when the partner is away working or doing something else, and this can cause clinginess. But you are above this because you give each other space and know how to make your individual passions part of your relationship.

8. You Work Hard And Play Hard

Whatever you do, you give it your all. You are passionate about our work but are also very passionate about having wonderful times together as a couple.

9. You Are Famous Hosts For Social Gatherings

People like it when events are hosted at your place. And why wouldn't they? You go all out and make your guests feel special so that everyone is happy by the time the event is over.

10. You Are Both Optimists

It does not matter what hurdles you meet in your life; you get past them easily. You are grateful even for small things and will not leave each other's side even when things are tough.

11. People Admit You Are A Power Couple

There are a few famous power couples, and people often joke about you being like them. You often feel flattered when people say you are like Jay Z and Beyonce. People can see how far your potential can take you, and that's reassuring, right?

12. You Have A Powerful Combined Network

Your networks comprise friends and colleagues in some very high places. The people you interact with are the who-is-who in their specific fields.

13. You Have Been Through A Lot Together

You are a powerful couple, that's for sure. You have survived some tough times, individually and even on your own. But these experiences have strengthened you.

14. Coordinated Outfits Come Naturally To You

Whenever you head out, you are perfectly coordinated. You genuinely like to dress for success, and your coordination is effortless.

So, think you and your partner are a power couple? If yes, we all look up to you. Otherwise, this list can give you some of the tips you need to turn into a power couple we can all admire.