If You Have These 5 Signs, Know That Your Personality Intimidates People

If You Have These 5 Signs, Know That Your Personality Intimidates People

Maybe you have heard people describe you as intimidating, and you have no clue why people fear you. That usually means that something about your personality "intimidates" people, which is nothing to feel guilty about because our unique life experiences shape our personalities and characters.

But also, you might seem rude or crass to people who consider you intimidating, which is usually not the case.


The problem is that you are very independent and strong, and that seems intimidating because people cannot easily approach you unless they have something valuable to offer.

But if you are bugged by the accusation that you are intimidating, here are some reasons you might have this reputation.

1. You Don't Suffer Ignorance Patiently

Strong-willed people don't like ignorant conversations. As one of these people, you probably know a lot about the world and various subjects, and when you feel that someone knows nothing about the issue you are discussing, you just tune them out.


2. You Don't Care Too Much About The Attention Other People Give You

You are a strong person. You do a lot of attention-worthy things. But the problem is that you are not very receptive to the attention because it's not what you were after.

When people try to show appreciation and you ignore or downplay it, you look intimidating. You instead focus on your work, not how others respond to it.


3. Small Talk Ain't Your Cup Of Tea

Many people love mindless banter, and it helps break down many social walls and make people more approachable. So, when you only have time for intellectual or serious conversations, most people will have a problem starting a conversation with you and that will make you seem intimidating,

What makes you intimidating is that you clarify that you have no time for small talk either by saying it straight or getting bored and walking away.


4. You See Opportunities Others Don't

Many strong people like to work hard and create their own luck, and they rarely expect others to pitch in. They like taking opportunities other people would not, and they don't care if their brazen attitudes offend other people.

5. You Don't Like Excuses

Being a strong person makes you have lots of willpower, and the word impossible does not exist in your vocabulary. For this reason, you don't take kindly to any excuses people have, even when things have genuinely failed to go as planned.


Just because you don't enjoy making excuses and instead try countless ways to make something work, it does not mean everyone else does.

So, when people who actually believe in excuses use them to explain their failures and you reject their explanations, they get intimidated by you.

But deep down, what you hate are whiners and complainers.

So, I hope you have finally figured out why some people describe you as intimidating. As you can see, this has a lot to do with your go-getter attitude that does not take no for an answer or accept mediocrity.