If You Have No Intention To Stay, Don't Get Close To Me Please

If You Have No Intention To Stay, Don’t Get Close To Me Please

"I do not care much about dating" is a lie I try to shield myself with. I do care about dating. I care about meeting someone who makes butterflies flutter deep down in my belly. I care about being in a relationship with someone who loves and adores me. I care about having fun with the one for a very long time. I care about making memories with someone who chooses me as I have chosen them. I want to belong to someone. I want to belong with someone who makes me breathe, whose love reassures me.

The thing is, I am not up for anything temporary

I am not up for flings or one-nightstands or an affair. My heart can't take any of that. And for this, even shame has no hold on me when I say I would rather be alone than be disrespected and lied to. I have no intentions of wasting time trying to make a relationship with a crook work. Yes, I am a romantic because I have faith in love, especially in a love that works, doesn't drain me, and leaves me worse than it met me.

To be honest, I am the type of girl who develops feelings easily. You can call my heart 'fragile'. That's your business. Just don't come into my life if you have nothing to offer me but migraines. If you are someone who can't decide for himself what he wants from a girl, stay away from me. If you're one of those people who stirs up feelings in other people, yet find it hard to love them back, don't come close. Don't try to have a relationship with me when you know it will be impossible for you to stay. You don't believe in love? Steer clear. I am on the lookout for me forever.

Here is why I do not intend to settle for less in a relationship: I am deeply committed to myself. I love myself so deep that your type of love can't measure up. I respect myself so much that being in a relationship with someone who I think is unworthy of me can't happen. I know how to take care of myself. So, if you're coming to be with me, it will be a bonus for me and not a loss. If you can't meet these standards, stay away. I am a woman with my own mind.

You will be lucky if we ever connected on a spiritual level. Leave if you don't want to connect with me. I am devoted, committed, and loyal. Do not move towards me if you don't have any of those qualities. I am a grown-ass woman; I am not interested in playing mind games with you. I always show up for the ones I love. So, if you can't show up, please leave.