If You Get Any Of These 15 Texts From A Guy, He Obviously Really Likes You

For better or worse, texting has become a crucial and inescapable aspect of dating. Speaking from a male perspective, I can say that most of us do not particularly enjoy it. Thus, you should not read too much into our texting skills.

Nonetheless, I must emphasize that a man's texting behavior can alter when he is truly interested in someone. Therefore, if you receive any of the following messages, there's a good chance that he is quite fond of you.

1. Good Morning, [Your Name]

To begin with, it's an excellent indicator if a man sends you a morning text message before you initiate communication. It signifies that you are on his mind as soon as he wakes up. Furthermore, if he uses your name or a special nickname that he's given you, it's an even more positive sign. However, if he simply sends a message like "good morning, beautiful," it may come across as nice but impersonal. In this scenario, he could be trying to flatter you for casual purposes and may not have any genuine interest in pursuing a serious relationship.

2. What Are You Up To This Weekend?

It's crucial to bear in mind that guys tend to text with a specific purpose in mind. This message is an excellent illustration of that. He could be preparing to ask you out on a date or confirming whether or not you have a significant other and plans to spend time with them over the weekend. In either case, if we ask this type of question, it's typically not just idle chit-chat.

3. Have You Seen [Movie Title]

This text is similar to the previous one. It serves as a way for us to test the waters before taking the leap and asking you out on a date for dinner and a movie.

4. Let Me Know You Got Home Safely

If a guy checks in with you to make sure you arrived home safely after hanging out, that's an excellent indicator. It demonstrates that he's thinking about you and concerned about your well-being. Unless he's a long-time friend, a guy who doesn't like and care about you wouldn't go to such lengths.

5. Heart Emoji

It's important to note that most guys don't prefer using emojis. Therefore, it's advisable not to overdo them when texting with a guy. In case he sends you a heart or a smiley face, take it as a positive sign that he likes you and is trying to show a bit of effort.

6. I'm Bored, What Are You Up To

As mentioned earlier, guys usually text with a specific purpose. Therefore, if he texts you something just for the sake of it, it's a good sign. He's probably doing so because he likes you and enjoys talking to you.

7. Haha, You're So Funny

I cannot speak for women, but I can confidently say that if a man sends you a text message like this, he most likely means it. It's a clear indication that he finds you genuinely amusing and may even have feelings for you.

8. Have You Heard About

This serves as a great illustration of how a man may initiate a conversation when he's interested in you. He's seeking a reason to reach out to you and a message like this could also be his way of inquiring if you're interested in going out on a formal date. Essentially, he's trying to gather more information and gauge your level of interest.

9. You Looked Super Cute Last Night

When a guy spends time with you one night and sends you a text like this the next day, it's a clear indication that he's interested in you. Although there are more inappropriate ways to express his attraction towards you, if he can compliment your appearance in a respectful manner, then it's likely that he has authentic feelings for you.

10. [Something] Reminded Me Of You

If a guy ever informs you that something reminded him of you, it's a safe assumption that you're on his mind. It's highly unlikely that he would message you about it unless he is interested in you and desires to engage in conversation.

11. Good Luck With [Fill In The Blank]

If a guy recalls an important event in your life and sends you a message wishing you luck beforehand, it's a positive sign that he was actively listening to you. When a guy truly listens to you, it's probable that he likes you. Therefore, a text with a simple "good luck" message from him holds meaning and shouldn't be overlooked.

12. That Would Be Fun To do

This is yet another frequent approach that guys take to assess your level of interest before asking you out. You may bring up a particular activity, and then he'll attempt to determine if you're open to doing that with him. It's important to remember that most guys are hesitant to take the leap of faith unless they're certain that you'll say yes to a date.

13. I Wish You Were Here Right Now

If a guy sends you this type of text, it carries a significant weight. However, it's crucial to be cautious because it could also be a manipulative tactic. Alternatively, it may stem from the guy feeling lonely. Nonetheless, if a seemingly sincere guy sends this message, it's evident that there are genuine emotions involved.

14. Send Me A Pic Of What You Look Like

While it's essential to note some obvious exceptions, such as if you mention being in a bikini, and he requests a photo, regardless of his feelings towards you, in general, if a guy asks for a picture of you smiling while hanging out, there's a strong possibility that he likes you and has no intention of deceiving you.

15. Sweet Dreams

Receiving a text from a guy right before he goes to bed can be a positive sign. However, it's important to ensure that it's a brief and straightforward message. Some guys may try too hard to flatter you, hoping to hook up with you later on. On the other hand, a guy who genuinely likes you will keep it simple and send a text message with just a "goodnight."