If You Ended A Toxic, Abusive, Dead-End Relationship, You Won

If You Ended A Toxic, Abusive, Dead-end Relationship, You Won

Though the scars are still there, you made it, so this one's for all of you who managed to get out of poisonous, toxic relationships. It seems like a small victory, but in reality, you're stronger than most.

Toxic relationships aren't the ones that don't bring you joy. But, they are the ones that will spark self-doubt, play with your self-love, and even sense of self.

We see these relationships all the time, and many still fail to understand why someone would put up with that much disrespect. What they fail to see is that an abusive person has many faces, so if you managed to recognize, accept, and deal with them, you're nailing this thing called life.

Recognizing an unhealthy relationship is the first step to recovery.

If, however, you're still struggling, it doesn't make you a loser. Nor does it make you any weaker. Leaving a partner who's bad for you is simply as difficult as breaking any pattern of unhealthy behavior. It takes time, and a lot of reevaluating, self-assuring as well as self-doubt. But, you should celebrate the small victories, and they all start with recognition.

The only time you truly lose is when you give up on yourself. As long as you're here, and you're dealing with someone poisonous, you deserve a medal. Be consistent, and always believe that there's more to life than being with someone who doesn't care about your feelings, thoughts, or your well-being.

Leaving toxic relationships means getting control over your life.

The real sense of freedom comes after not only you walk away from an abusive relationship, but you are aware that you were a victim. However, you don't want to be part of the statistic, so you choose to see yourself as a winner.

When someone has control over you, you might feel like you'll never be free again. That's devastating, heartbreaking, yet you did manage to escape. And now it's time to rebuild yourself.

Removing yourself from an unhealthy environment means that you are, once again, responsible for your happiness. It's strangely empowering to know that you're back in charge. And try not to let anyone control you again.

Toxic friends, family, and others who are part of your life.

Dead-end relationships aren't just romantic ones. We all have toxic people among us, or friends or family, coworkers, and some of them have a bigger influence on us than others. Often, you can't just cut the cord. Instead, you have to work on how to deal with them. On how to let them know that you're not buying what they're selling.

Dealing with narcissistic, toxic people is a learning process. You're too pure and too good to recognize the way they operate. But, this doesn't imply you should change. The world needs more honest, kind, and open-minded souls. However, don't be afraid to bite when someone's continuously undermining you.

Walking away from a narcissistic, abusive person is a challenge. They know how to manipulate and trick people. But once you realize who you're dealing with, you're already creating a new path for yourself. And once they are out of your life, maybe even just emotionally, you won. It sounds weird to say it, but for toxic people, this is all a game, and your actions, your self-awareness, made you more mature and clever, so that's why you truly win.

You don't have to know that you're playing to defeat someone's bad behavior. Leave them with their negativity and need to be miserable.