If You Don't Make My Life Easier, I Don't Want You

The whole point of relationships is to be with someone who makes you happy right?

I want more than just laughs from a man. I want more than just a few moments of happiness. I want a man who will contribute to a life together in every way, and I refuse to settle until I find that man.

Everyday struggles make life stressful. Working, dealing with people, budgeting money so you can make sure all the bills get paid and so much more. I’m sure we all can agree that adulting is hard! So when we look for relationships, we should look for people who can contribute to lightening our struggles. Being with someone with no ambition to help build a good life makes it hard for you to create a good life because you’re doing it alone, for both of you. When starting a relationship, it’s important to look at a person’s aspirations and goals, because if they have none, then that isn’t a relationship that you want.

I want a man who will care for me on every level, as I do for him. Someone who will actually take the time to make happiness in a home. I will not allow any man to bring me down, or try to take a free ride through life on my back.


I believe that a lot of things women settle for they shouldn’t have to, and they only do because they don’t think highly of themselves. It’s time to change that ladies! If you are working hard or going to school to make something of yourself, and you are good to your man in every way, do NOT settle for a man that will hold you back or make your struggle. You deserve someone who is going to make things easier for you, by making sure you’re taken care of as well as you take care of them.

In the end, all people want to move up in life. We all wish for endless happiness. If the person you choose to spend life with doesn’t contribute or help you to be better then in time you will see that you’re not happy. You will feel worn with the frustrations of making everything better on your own, and end up leaving to be on your own for real. I will not settle for less than I deserve. I will stay alone until I find someone who helps to make me better, rather than wasting time and struggling in temporary relationships that take me backward in life.