If You Don't Believe Good Guys Exist, You'll Never Find One

Love can sometimes be a chance encounter where you meet an amazing person when you least anticipate it. However, more often than not, finding love requires putting yourself out there and actively seeking it. Your personal perspectives and beliefs also have a more significant influence on this process than you might realize. That's why it's crucial to have faith in the existence of good men if you want to find one. Here are 14 reasons why.

1. You attract what you believe

Oprah Winfrey famously stated, "You become what you believe, not what you want." This notion applies to finding a fantastic partner as well. If you don't believe in the possibility of meeting a great guy, you're unlikely to do so. Rather than searching for harmful individuals, shift your focus to identifying positive ones. You'll find what you seek.

2. You can't expect all your dates to go bad

If you approach every man with the assumption that he is a jerk, you'll enter first dates with that expectation. As a result, you won't give them a fair opportunity to show their true character, and you could potentially overlook an excellent match.

3. You could become bitter

If you continuously believe that all men are unfaithful or harmful, you'll begin to adopt a negative attitude towards dating. This negative mindset may manifest in your body language or facial expressions, which could deter any decent guys who were interested in approaching you at a social setting. They may have thought it better not to approach you for fear of any potential repercussions.

4. Good guys aren't special

Considering good men as a rare, almost extinct, and exceptional species because of the belief that they don't exist is a mistake. They're just regular guys! It's not like finding a decent man is some significant accomplishment. Therefore, you shouldn't assume that something is wrong with you if you haven't met one yet. If you believe such nonsense, you could unintentionally send out "I'm not worthy" signals that could discourage good men from approaching you.

5. the past won't always repeat itself

It's possible that you've had some terrible experiences in the past with harmful men, and you might be apprehensive about encountering them again because it appears as if they're everywhere. However, this could just be your perception since you're observing the world through a lens of pain and heartbreak.

6. Be logical

If we approach this logically, you're an exceptional person, correct? If so, it follows that there must be a fantastic man out there for you. With over seven billion individuals in the world, it's irrational to assume that you cannot locate one suitable man for yourself.

7. All men are not jerks

Certainly, there are numerous undesirable men in the world, but it's not fair to generalize and categorize all of them into a single group. It's akin to making the statement that all women are gold diggers, which is entirely false.

8. Do you feel you deserve love?

At times, you may convince yourself that good men don't exist, when in fact, you're simply convincing yourself that you'll never find one. It's possible that you believe your friends can find good men, but not you. If this sounds familiar, the reality is that you must first believe that there are good men out there, and then believe that you deserve to have a fulfilling romantic life. By doing so, you'll attract men who meet your expectations.

9. Don't stop trying

If you continue to believe that good men are a thing of the past, you'll eventually give up on the idea of finding one. Avoid this at all costs! While you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself to find an ideal partner, it's essential to explore new avenues to meet various men. You never know when you'll come across an incredible person.

10. Don't give bad guys greater value than they deserve

Have you ever noticed that after watching the news, you feel like the world is filled with terrible people? The reality is that news often overlooks the amazing individuals out there, but they do exist. Similarly, your past relationship experiences with undesirable men don't negate the possibility of meeting good ones in the future. Just one good man is all it takes to demonstrate why things never worked out with all the losers you've dated.

11. Prince Charming is holding you back

One potential obstacle in your search for a great partner is having a rigid idea of what your ideal match should be like. Your perfect match may not be the typical tall, dark, and handsome type, but could be even better than that! For example, they could make you laugh, challenge you intellectually, and provide you with fantastic intimacy. If you're seeking a Prince Charming archetype, you may as well be searching for a dinosaur. After all, who wants a boring partner? There are plenty of interesting and fantastic good men out there!

12. You risk settling

When you believe that all the good men are gone, a strange phenomenon can occur: you may find yourself settling for men who aren't suitable for you. This is often because you feel that it's your only shot at a relationship or marriage. However, this mindset is completely flawed! By remaining in a relationship with someone who isn't compatible with you, you're effectively blocking yourself off from better opportunities.

13. You could become way too demanding

You should maintain your standards, but avoid being too picky about the men you date. When you have specific requirements, such as a certain height or cooking ability, you limit yourself from meeting men who may actually be more satisfying for you. Furthermore, having too many strict requirements is self-sabotage since you're suggesting that men who meet all of your unrealistic expectations don't exist. It's important to be more lenient with your standards to avoid missing out on good guys.

14. The good men aren't all taken

If you're struggling to meet a decent single guy, it's easy to assume that all the good ones must already be taken. However, with approximately seven million monthly users on Tinder, half of whom are men, it's clear that there are still plenty of good guys out there who are available.