If You Can't Make Me A Priority, Don't Expect Me To Be An Option


The dating experience can be draining due to the mind games, excuses, and deceit involved. However, it doesn't have to be that way. As a result, I've resolved to streamline the process. Henceforth, I won't invest my time in any man who doesn't uplift me. Put differently, I won't prioritize anyone who doesn't prioritize me.

1. If You're "too Busy," So Am I

If you are unable to devote the same amount of time to me that I'm willing to devote to you, I'll remove you from my schedule entirely. It's that simple. I don't have the time or energy for someone who isn't willing to make a sincere attempt to make arrangements with me, so I'll be erasing your number instead.

2. If You're Calling Me Late, I Won't Be Answering

If you believe that you can casually reach out to me with a mindless text or a drunken phone call late at night, reconsider your approach. Although I may notice your name appearing on my phone screen, I'll swiftly dismiss it and return to my serene solitary sleep. This kind of behavior isn't what I deserve.

3. If You're Free Last Minute, I've Already Made Plans

In the event that you contact me an hour prior to our supposed hangout, I regret to inform you that I'll have already made other arrangements. I won't be sitting idly by the phone, anticipating your call, nor will I be anticipating your last-minute attempt to allocate some of your time to me. I'm scheduling my life without you, so if you aspire to be a part of it, you must demonstrate greater effort.

4. If You're Still Swiping Right, I'll Downgrade You To A Left

If we've been in a relationship, things are progressing nicely, and you're still exploring other options, I'll take myself out of the running. I refuse to participate in a game to win your love. I have greater self-esteem than to demonstrate my value when I'm already aware of it.

5. If You're Attempting To Ghost, I've Already Moved On

If you assume that your silence for a week has frightened me, you're mistaken. While you were devising your getaway as a jerk, I've already progressed beyond you.

6. If You Come Back After Ghosting, I'll Haunt You With Silence

In the event that you reverse your decision to cowardly remain silent, I'll give you a more unpleasant feeling: the silence resulting from the zero amount of care I possess for you.

7. If You Have An Excuse, I'll Give You A Reason

Your excuses don't interest me, as I've heard them all before. While it's understandable to be caught up in unforeseen life circumstances, it's unacceptable when it becomes a clich├ęd pattern and a routine. If you continue to spout your nonsense at me, don't be taken aback when I compel you to confront it. I won't entertain your excuses when I've already determined that you're not deserving of my time.

8. If You Won't Get To Know Me, I'll Forget You Were Relevant

If you don't provide me with a genuine opportunity and display a lack of concern or interest in getting to know me, I'll not only stop revealing who I am, but also question why I bothered with you in the first place. I won't expend my time or energy on someone who fails to recognize the potential he possesses with me.

9. If You Blow Your Chance, Someone Else Will Take Your Place

If you refuse to take our relationship seriously or treat me with the respect I deserve, that's perfectly acceptable. I won't be emotionally wounded by it. I won't flood your phone with messages or inquire why you behaved in such a manner. Instead, I'll move forward without you. I'll leave you perplexed as to why I'm not putting up a struggle and why your inability to prioritize me in your life has left you with nothing. While you were engrossed in behaving like a failure, I was making space for someone who is deserving. Hint: it isn't you.