If You Can't Do These 8 Things Together, Then You're Not Meant To Be

If You Can’t Do These 8 Things Together, Then You’re Not Meant To Be

Soulmates. Do they really exist, or is this a senseless social construct?

Do you think that out there is someone going about his business but is meant to be yours forever? Or is one of your goals in life finding 'the one' because no other person can take their place?

If you are most people, then you believe in the idea of 'the one' - the one person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with. This is according to a recent study.

Obviously, there is a lot of reassurance in knowing that the universe has someone out there who is made especially for you. All you have is to meet them and you can start your life of happiness together.

But no, science does not support this notion.

And if you come to think about it, the idea that only one person is meant for you is quite limiting. There are billions of people in this world. So, if only one of them would work out for you, then chances are that you will never meet them. Heck, you haven't even met half the people in your city, which is a negligible subset of all the people in the world today.

What you should know is that there should be someone you will have great chemistry with. With this person, you will be two peas in a pod.

But how do your know you have found someone you can build a future together with? Here are some pointers.

1. You Have Fun In Your Relationship

If you are not having fun in your relationship, then that is a very bad sign. To begin with, such a relationship is not worth it. In any case, such a relationship cannot be expected to last very long either.

2. Your Relationship Makes You Feel Safe And Secure

A good relationship should make you both feel safe. Rather than feeding your fears, the relationship should build your strengths. Lack of safety and security is a sign that the relationship will not go too far.

3. You Shop Together

When you shop together and for each other, then the chances are that you will go very far as a couple. So, when something as mundane as this cannot be done together, then you should seriously reconsider your relationship.

4. Complete Honesty Between The Two Of You

A relationship should be built on honesty. Without it, the union is bound to fail. Therefore, when you notice that you or your significant other is hiding things, know that the future of the relationship is not too promising.

5. Staying Together Quietly Without The Awkwardness

Just because you are together does not mean you have to chat to enjoy each other's company. If lazing around doing nothing is satisfying and fulfilling for you, then that is a pretty good sign about the future of your relationship.

6. You Give Your Partner Space And Privacy

Even though you are in a relationship, you are still two distinct individuals who are unique in their own ways. There should be boundaries between the two of you. So, when you cannot respect the other person's privacy and cannot do the same for you, issues will arise in that relationship pretty fast, and it will eventually fail.

7. You Support The Other Person's Goals And Dreams

A relationship should not be the reason you gave up on your dreams. So, when you feel the urge to forget your dreams for the sake of the relationship, know that something is wrong and the relationship might not end well.

8. You Communicate Well With Each Other

Strong couples should communicate properly if the relationship is to last. The only way to overcome any issues in your relationship is to express yourselves properly to each other and to feel safe talking to each other about various matters. But it is not just about talking that matters. You need to be a good listener as well.