If You Can Not Support My Dreams, I Can Not Support This Relationship


I desire a partner who is self-assured enough to propel me forward, rather than restrain me. My aspirations are important to me, and I will continue pursuing them even if a potential suitor enters the picture. If you are truly meant for me, you will stand by me and encourage me to chase my dreams. It is impossible for me to be with someone who does not share this mindset.

1. I want to be more than some guy's wife

I refuse to be the woman who is pressured to play a supporting role as her partner chases his ambitions, leaving her own aspirations on the backburner. I am a complete individual beyond my relationship status, and I deserve to pursue my own dreams as well.


2. I'll always support you — you should do the same for me

I am fully behind you in your pursuit of any endeavor, and I only ask that you reciprocate that support for me. I am not requesting anything that I am not willing to give in return. If we aspire to establish a robust partnership, we must be each other's greatest supporters.


3. There are no limits to what I'm capable of

My existence is not solely centered around locating a spouse and starting a family - not unless I choose it to be. It is up to me to determine the course of my life, and as my partner, your role is to support me. If I desire more, then I am entitled to it, and I desire a partner who shares this belief.


4. You should care about my happiness as much as I do about yours

I cannot be content with accepting a diminished version of myself. It is unfair to expect me to relinquish all of my other aspirations to be with the person I desire. While I value your happiness, I also hope that you share the same sentiment towards me.

5. My dreams matter just as much as yours or anyone else's

Although it goes without saying, with the right person, we both deserve to experience complete fulfillment. The optimal approach to achieving this is to encourage each other to attain every goal we set for ourselves. Discovering a partnership that is mutually supportive and symbiotic is a dream come true.


6. I want a guy who sees my potential and pushes me to reach it

I am seeking a man who will remain by my side and continually motivate me to be my best. I have no desire to be with a man who wants me to settle for a subpar existence. I yearn for a partnership with someone who aspires to develop alongside me and is unafraid to witness my success. Together, we are capable of accomplishing anything if we collaborate.


7. I shouldn't have to give up my life just to be with you

My career holds immense significance in my life, and there is no harm in that. It is a substantial component of my existence, and therefore, I should not have to relinquish it for a relationship. I would never make such a request of a man, and I could not be with someone who anticipates or demands that of me. There is more to my existence than my relationship status, and that is an immutable fact.