If You Can Do Without These 5 Things, You Are A Self-Respecting Person

If You Can Do Without These 5 Things, You Are A Self-respecting Person

Who doesn't want to be described as a self-respecting person? But often, we do things that diminish our value, even in the eyes of others.

And I am not suggesting you forget about your needs to make people respect you. Self-respect is about seeing your own worth. It's not about fitting into society's unattainable standards.

So, understand that self-respect does not make you perfect in the eyes of everyone.

Self-respect means being true to yourself. Here are 5 things you will require in your life if you have this elusive quality.

1. Seeking Validation

It's always nice getting credit for your work, but seeking it is another matter. A person who has respect for who they are does what they have to do and moves on to other things. If they get appreciation or praise for their efforts, then well and good. But they don't need it to keep going forward.

2. A Job You Hate

Jobs play a big role in our happiness. So, a self-respecting person will not hold on to a job that makes them miserable and unfulfilled. While it feels nice getting a paycheck, allowing yourself to feel like crap in the process is not a sign of self-respect.

3. Short-sightedness

A self-respecting person sees beyond the immediate circumstances because they understand that life is much broader than that. When you respect yourself, you plan your life out more carefully and ensure that you are secure and safe even in the future.

4. Self-loathing

There will always be one person like you in this world. So, hating yourself is the worst injustice you can do to yourself. If you respect yourself, then you will also love yourself. People who hate themselves attract nothing but negativity into their lives, and they reap nothing but misery and misfortunes in this life.

5. People-pleasing

I can assure you that people-pleasers have a grotesque lack of self-respect. People who have this trait don't get far in life since they always put the joy of other people before their own.

But there is something you need to know. You can never make everyone happy, however much you try. If you respect yourself, your happiness becomes your priority. You can still attempt to make other people happy but not win their admiration or at your own expense.

If you were wondering how you can have a greater level of self-respect, above are ways to do it. Briefly, it's all about learning to keep going on even when no one is cheering, doing a job you love, loving yourself, being futuristic, and giving up trying to make everyone happy.