If You Are Not Loved, Leave! You Deserve A Relationship You Don't Have To Beg For

If You Are Not Loved, Leave! You Deserve A Relationship You Don’t Have To Beg For

Love requires work, and work requires dedication. So when a relationship turns sour, or things start to fall apart, the first instinctive response most people have is, "I need to fix it.

There's a problem in the relationship, but it can be fixed. He still loves me, and I still love him. We just have to work through certain problems."

But what if the problem is more serious than you think. What if you can't solve your relationship problems?


What Then?

The answer is to simply leave. Cut your losses and accept that it's over. You're not loved anymore, and you should move on. Refusing to let go will only make things worse for both of you, and that's the last thing you'll want for yourself and your ex.

Are You Prepared To Let Things Get Worse?


Relationships that go nowhere are held together by hope, and that hope can prolong the pain. Yes, there's a small chance that he will come around and love you again, but it's more likely that he will continue to despise you.

Think about it; Are you prepared to commit yourself to a relationship that's getting worse and worse each day, on the small chance that it might improve? Spare yourself from the pain, and let it all go.

You're Only Depriving Yourself Of A New Relationship

The longer you chase after him, the longer you deprive yourself of a new relationship with a person who loves you. All your energies are concentrated on a person who doesn't want you when you're better off looking for someone who does.


Instead of trying to get him to love you, you're much better off looking for someone else. Instead of pandering to him, you could be meeting new people and starting new relationships. This is all up to you though. It's up to you to take the first step.

This Relationship Is Destroying You

Your desire to pursue him is ruining you in ways that you refuse to admit to yourself. Women who try to chase after men who don't want them don't just ruin their love lives, they also undermine their health, their mental well-being, and even their professions.


Think about how your relationship problems are affecting your work at the office, or how they're making you miserable at home. Sometimes, a toxic relationship may even spread to social media in the form of an embarrassing tweet or an internet fight. It's time to end the misery. The longer you try to hold on, the worse your life will become.

It's Time To Leave!

Yes, it's hard to say goodbye, but sometimes, it's the only way. So don't put yourself in this difficult situation any longer. Learn to say goodbye. It won't be easy, but in the end, it will be best for you.

You'll be able to move on with your life, and perhaps, find someone who will truly love you and care for you.