If We've Been Dating For Years & He Still Hasn't Proposed, I'm Leaving

If We've Been Dating For Years & He Still Hasn't Proposed, I'm Leaving

Ladies, let's be real, two or so years in a relationship is long enough for a guy to know if he wants to spend his life with you, and it's plenty of time to pop the question.

After two years of being together, you should already know each other well and should have shared your dreams and goals. You should have begun planning for the future, and if he doesn't propose around that time, leave.


Here's why I'll leave if my man doesn't propose after two years:

I'm not desperate to get hitched

An engagement is a sign that my partner is committed to our love. It is an assurance he is ready to move to the next level. Although engagements can be broken, they're a real sign of preparing to make a relationship permanent. When we are both ready, we will say our vows.


He needs to prove I'm the one

Guys always promise that they will love you forever, but let's be honest, you can not tell by promises if he is truthful. You can only tell honesty from actions. Actions are much more powerful than mere words. When he puts the ring on my finger it's a sign he has chosen me.

I'm not a nagger

I will not nag a man to propose to me. It will just lead to resentment. If he can't figure out if he wants to take the next step with me after years, I'm out! Life is too short to waste time begging people to spend forever with you. I want an engagement to come naturally from a man who really wants it.


I've been disappointed too much

In my previous relationships, dudes would promise the world, and talk about marriage and spending eternity together, but they always fell short. I do not resent any experiences I've gone through, but I learned my lesson. I don't want promises nor to waste any more time — make it real.



My boyfriend needs to wipe every doubt I may have about us. I want a man who will fuel a new hope in me, and be eager to spend the future with me.

I have a lot of stuff to achieve

I got 99 problems but worrying about engagement ain't one. I have dreams to fulfill. Going to grad school and getting a promotion are priorities. I have no space in my life for anybody who will waste my time. If he is proposing let him do it, and we can pursue our dreams together. If not, I will not hold myself back, see ya!


I deserve better

I deserve the best in this life, if my partner does not see that then there's no reason to stay. No need to entertain a man who does not deserve you. He may not see a future with you. When I sense that in him, I break off things and move on.

My biological clock is ticking

Time waits for no man. It is worse for females. The older we grow, the more pregnancy complications occur. It's better I get married young to prevent any difficulties in the future when trying to create a family. If you don't want to take steps forward with me after years, I'm leaving.


I know what I want

I am convinced that I want to spend the rest of my life with this gentleman, but if we go more than two years without taking the next step, and him showing me how serious and committed he is, I will leave.