If We're Meant To Be, We Will Find Our Way Back To Each Other

If We're Meant To Be, We Will Find Our Way Back To Each Other

I remember it just like yesterday, when we chose to go our separate ways on the assumption that if we're meant to be, we will be.
Letting you go was one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make. I was no fortune teller. There was no way to know if we would ever cross paths again or not. But sometimes, when you really love a person, letting them go might be the best you can do for them at the moment.

I only hope this time we spend apart will give us each an opportunity to grow, to be better for ourselves and each other.

We have surmounted many obstacles together just to make things work. Yet, it finally had to be break up to make up. But then, what's gain without loss? If one wants the rainbow, he must first, deal with the rain. I don't know when this rain will stop or even if your rainbow will appear on my part of the earth but I do believe that if we're meant to be the rainbow of life will graze our sky beautifully.

I'm not over you. I still remember how you laugh at the dumbest things, the first love letter you wrote me, your two left feet, that scarf with green leaves, and the most beautiful words I've ever read written in blue.

I remember every call you made to ask how my cramps were each month, how you updated me about your day, and how we always found reasons to laugh. We never could wait to tell each other the tiniest details, how no meeting was more important than my calls, or how no distance was too far at the smallest cry of pain from me.

I still hear your name in conversations, still keep up with your posts on social media.

I still picture you in your favorite purple shirt, and I still pick my clothes based on your favorite colors.

Now I wonder, with whom will I share my joys and sorrows? With whom do you share yours? Are you making a mental record of every milestone like I am? Or are you moving on without me?

You're here, everywhere. How could there possibly be me without you? A part of me left with you. I just hope a place was reserved for it in your heart knowing how much I'm enduring this pain just to have you complete my healing.

I miss you so much and I still love you. I keep becoming a better version of me, for me, for you, and for us, knowing that if we're meant for each other, we will find our way back together and nothing will stop it because it will be God's will.

And then the sun shined...

I met an old mutual friend recently. I don't know what he saw or what moved him but he filled my void with comments about you. We talked a lot and he let me in on a little secret. You still had me somewhere in you. On that thought, I chose to believe that we will be someday, sometime soon.