If Two People Are Destined To Be Together, They'll Find Their Way Back

If Two People Are Destined To Be Together, They’ll Find Their Way Back

Relationships can happen suddenly, they seem to happen when you least expect it, when you haven't even been looking for love. They can happen in the strangest of situations, a random meet with a stranger, being late to something and you bump into someone that you would never have met had you not been late, a shared glance across a room, or a chance introduction by a friend can set off a string of events that lead to two people discovering a mutual love for each other. The circumstances can seem so unexpected that it seems clear your paths were destined to meet. Even if you don't believe in fate or destiny, these "set-ups" or coincidences will challenge the skeptic in you.

Some think fate is what we make of it. That it's up to us to write our own destiny, while many others believe life is a series of events that have already been decided by fate. If there is in fact such a thing as destiny, it can be manipulated somewhat according to our desires, needs, and efforts, but nothing will ever happen unless you're willing to take some action.

By broadening your horizons, you increase your chances of meeting the person meant for you. You can do this in a range of ways like joining local groups, meeting new people, traveling, making lots of friends, and just opening your heart to take a chance on love. Don't fear rejection, or failing, as this block you from love straight away.

When two people who have been searching for a long time for the perfect match connect, the spark from their love can be very intense. They've been through relationships that have felt good for a while, but they have never felt as good as in this one. They have never "clicked" as much with another before. In comparison to previous relationships, none comes close to how good this one feels, and both start to lose themselves in each other.

When what you thought was a perfect relationship ends, it can be soul-crushing for the couple. The depth of the connection formed on a soul level can be so strong that it can scare people off, not everyone is ready or able to handle such a deep bond. Regardless if you've been searching for your ideal partner for a while, you might feel a little intimidated by the depth of the connection formed with another person and sometimes a "trial" run is needed before each party can fully commit to such a deep bond.

Even if you think your destiny is in your own hands and you write the script, or you believe in destiny, if you are meant to be with someone, without knowing it, forces completely out of our control can conspire to make your paths cross again. It doesn't matter if you had to walk away from the relationship for a short time, it gives you time to grow and learn. If it's written in the stars, fate will make it happen that you meet again.

Don't give up on your dreams of meeting the one. Your ideal match is out there, you may have already crossed their paths, but now is just not the right time. If you feel you've walked away on the "one", if it's meant to be, fate will bring you back together. Have faith.