If These Things Aren't Easy In The Beginning Of Your Relationship, It's Not Going To Last

Upon entering a relationship, it's easy to assume that everything is perfect now. You've left behind your single life, discovered a partner to share your life with, and can finally unwind. However, can you truly relax? Below are 11 essential factors that should proceed without issues during the initial stages of your relationship if you plan on having a long-lasting partnership.

1. Making Plans

Once you enter into a committed relationship, it can feel like the pressure is off and there's no need to schedule dates in advance. Perhaps you'll simply visit each other spontaneously, and that'll be enough. However, if your new boyfriend makes it challenging to make plans, it's not a good sign. He may use excuses like being too busy to plan ahead or not knowing his schedule for Saturday night, but these are simply excuses. When making plans becomes too difficult, it's a clear indication that your new relationship isn't as ideal as you initially believed it to be.

2. Spending A Lot Of Time Together

Every couple has its unique dynamic - some prefer spending every moment together, while others need more personal space. Both approaches are valid, and it's essential to find what works for you. If you enjoy being close to your partner and crave spending a lot of time with them, that's how it should be. Your boyfriend shouldn't reject your suggestions for weekend activities or refuse to spend time with you if that's what you need.

3. Staying In Touch

Although it may seem like a simple matter, if your new boyfriend is terrible at texting and rarely reaches out to you, it's a significant issue. You deserve someone who wants to communicate with you frequently and has you on their mind. You don't have to accept someone who claims to be a bad texter or suggests that it's not their style. Given that he has a phone and is frequently using it, staying in touch throughout the day should be effortless.

4. Talking About The Future

It's a common misconception that men loathe discussing the future. If a man is in love with you (or at the very least, deeply interested in you), he'll likely be excited to talk about upcoming plans and possibilities. There's nothing wrong with bringing up these topics, as long as you don't become overly obsessed and demand an engagement ring the moment you make things official. However, it's natural to want reassurance that your investment in this relationship is worth it, and it's reasonable to have these thoughts.

5. Sharing Your Emotions

It's also a total fallacy that men are unwilling to express their emotions. While a man may not want to be seen as vulnerable and cry in front of you, he should be able to communicate when he's upset about something. This applies to relationship difficulties and non-relationship-related issues as well. Being unable to discuss important subjects and emotions with your partner is a concerning indicator.

6. Blending Your Two Lives Together

It's possible to desire a boyfriend while simultaneously struggling to relinquish the comforts of your single life. You've become accustomed to activities like yoga classes and drinks dates with your best friends. However, if you're unwilling to make space in your schedule for your new partner, being with him is pointless. If you notice that he isn't putting forth a similar effort, then that's not the treatment you deserve.

7. Meeting Each Other's Family And Friends

The clearest indication that a guy isn't genuinely interested in you? When he's hesitant to introduce you to the people in his life. Assuming that you've had a significant conversation and agreed to a committed relationship, it's reasonable to meet each other's loved ones. Don't merely accept his excuses if he keeps postponing this momentous occasion. Have a conversation with him about it and encourage him to be truthful about his reasoning.

8. Finding New Hobbies

It's unnecessary for you and your boyfriend to enjoy all the same activities. It may be worthwhile to explore new hobbies and interests that you can both participate in, deepening your connection. However, if you propose this idea and he refuses or reacts dramatically to any suggestions you make, you should take note of his behavior.

9. Supporting Each Other

One of the most significant benefits of being in a relationship is having a constant source of support. Your partner is someone you can turn to for a listening ear, a comforting shoulder, and a support system. If your boyfriend doesn't prioritize your happiness or show an interest in your life, he's not a genuine partner. Likewise, if you try to assist him in overcoming an issue, but he completely withdraws, this is a red flag that shouldn't be ignored.

10. Not Fighting Over Every Little Thing

Although it's natural for couples to have arguments, it's important to take note of what you're fighting over. If you find yourselves constantly bickering about trivial things, it's a red flag for the longevity of your relationship. The ability to have a calm and rational discussion and come to a resolution is a positive indicator of a healthy relationship, and anything less than that could potentially lead to a breakup.

11. Not Getting Jealous

Spending time wondering about your boyfriend's past or checking his phone is unproductive. Trust should come naturally in a relationship, and jealousy shouldn't be a factor. If you have faith that he's committed to you, then you should be confident in your relationship and look forward to a long future together.