If These Things Apply To Him, He Just Wants To Have Sex With You

It's unfortunate, but the reality is that many men are solely focused on having sex. Although there are authentic men who desire a meaningful relationship, they appear to be rare. Consequently, how can you differentiate between men who are genuinely interested in you and those who are only seeking casual sex? Here are some red flags to watch out for:

1. He Gets Annoyed When Your Invitation To Come Over And Watch A Movie Is Literally Just That

It's important to clarify that when you suggested watching the last season of Orphan Black and having pizza, you meant it literally and not as a euphemism. Despite his attempts to appear enthusiastic, it's evident that he's disappointed. When he begins to touch you inappropriately and you tell him to stop, he suddenly claims to be too tired to continue hanging out and has to leave for work the next day. This behavior is disappointing and shows that he's not worth your time.


2. You Only Hear From Him Late At Night

Why does he only text you when you're getting ready for bed or already asleep? It's clear that you're nothing more than a casual hookup to him. Unless you're seeking a purely physical relationship, such as a f*ck buddy or a friends with benefits arrangement, don't fall for his games. Put your phone on silent and ignore his messages.


3. You've Never Met His Friends And They Don't Know Who You Are

If you've been dating for a reasonable period and he hasn't introduced you to his friends or mentioned you to them, it's a significant cause for concern. What is he trying to conceal? Some men believe that the less you know about them, the simpler it is for you to let them go. If he's avoiding introducing you to his closest friends, it's time to ask him what's going on or simply move on. If he were genuinely interested in you, he would want to show you off.


4. He Never Invites You To Sleep Over And/or Makes Excuses For Why You Can't

There's absolutely no justification for a man to ask you to leave or make you feel unwanted after having sex. If he's continuously making excuses such as having an early morning commitment or his roommate being uncomfortable with overnight guests, it's highly likely that he's only using you for sex.


5. You've Never Been Out On A Real Date

I'm sorry, but having Chinese food on his couch before having sex does not qualify as a date. A man who wants to establish a genuine and enduring relationship with you will put in some effort to impress you and take you out on romantic evenings. If this isn't happening, it's time to end things and move on.

6. He Doesn't Want To Hear About Your Personal Life

If you're trying to open up to him about something that's been bothering you, but he's too busy playing video games or scrolling through social media without even bothering to look up, it's highly probable that he doesn't care. If he's only interested in you when you're in a state of undress, then he's not really interested in you at all.


7. He's Always The One To Initiate Sex

It's understandable if you prefer it when a man takes the initiative, but if he's always making the first move every time you hang out, it's likely that he's only interested in one thing. While it's nice that he finds you attractive and enjoys being intimate with you, he should also want to engage in activities beyond the bedroom.


8. He Drops Sexual Innuendos/"jokes" To Every Single Conversation

While some dirty talk can be enjoyable, when a guy is constantly talking dirty and unable to have a regular conversation without adding something sexual into it, it can become overwhelming. Although he may claim to be joking, it's important to question whether that's truly the case. His constant sexual remarks may indicate where his mind is at all times.


9. He Only Ever Compliments You On Your Appearance

When was the last time your significant other genuinely complimented you? And by compliment, I don't mean about your physical appearance, but rather a sincere appreciation for your accomplishments or recognition of your strength during a difficult time. If he only focuses on your physical qualities and disregards your personality traits, it could be a red flag.


10. Whenever He Comes Over, He Heads Straight For The Bedroom

This guy seems to be skipping any pretense and heading straight to the physical. He doesn't even show interest in your day or engage in a normal conversation with you. If he's not willing to establish a connection beyond the physical, why should you allow him into your bed? Don't let him get away with such behavior, and don't let it diminish your self-respect. It's time to move on from him.