If She Is Not Cared For And Respected, She Will Leave You Even Though She Loves You

Like a garden, a woman needs to be well taken care of—regular watering, weeding, pruning, and showing affection. Failure to do this means that you are not just taking some life out of her but pushing her away.

Yes, she may deeply love you. However, if she feels ignored, disrespected, or is not being given the attention and care she deserves, she’ll still walk. She wants to be in a place that aids her growth (emotional, social, spiritual…).

You should never for a second think that because you married her, the two of you have kids or have a life together, she will never leave. Yes, she will if you don’t respect her or show affection. Many will do so despite the pain and anguish it gives them.

The common notion is that pleasing a woman is hard and that’s why many people put less effort into the relationship. This is total BS. It’s much easier than you may believe. All she wants is you showing care and appreciation in very simple ways. A simple ‘Hello’ in the morning, simple text or call to inquire about her day, being attentive when she’s speaking, being there for her, emotionally, socially, and physically.

When asked why they left, a majority of the women say that their partner felt absent. Yes, he was there physically but didn’t take notice of her. He was busy doing his things, forgetting about her. And this made her feel unappreciated or even unwanted.

When in a good relationship, the parties are aware of each other’s needs. They know that they both need care and affection. Sadly, human beings seem to take the little things for granted, and this is the ultimate demise of relationships.

Women are emotional beings who value love and affection. They have soft hearts and a deep sense of nurturing. This explains why many would rather appreciate a gesture of love rather than an expensive gift that is not given with a touch of love.

They don’t want to be part of a boring conversation, making out with a person yet there is no love, or being in a “Dead” relationship. She wants a life partner, a best friend, a soul mate who helps her feel complete and worthy. If she feels that you are not present, you don’t care or are not taking an interest in her life. She will bounce.

Being present is one of the strongest bonds in a relationship. The two of you will understand that you are both in it and will take extra steps to not only appreciate each other but also nurture the relationship. It’s just like a team where every player’s effort is needed for the good of the entire team.

The truth is that there are some days when you may feel unavailable, but because you have always been there for her, through thick and thin, she wouldn’t mind stepping up.

Women desire a man who kisses and hugs them regularly, pays attention, is a good listener, doesn’t mind holding her in public or expressing his love for her. These simple things make a huge difference to a relationship.

The secret is doing unto her what you would love done to you. You love breakfast in bed. How about making her breakfast in bed. You love going out with the boys occasionally, how about giving her the freedom to also go out with the girls. You love how she tends to the home. How about giving her a helping hand once in a while.

The truth is that it costs nothing to respect, appreciate and care for your woman. But the benefits are immense. The relationship grows for the better. You feel loved and appreciated. The two of you enjoy life to the full.

Treat her like the queen she is, and you’ll defiantly enjoy feeling like the King you are.