If It Is Not Obvious That A Guy Likes Me, Then He Clearly Does Not Like Me Enough

Asking whether a man likes me or not by picking flower petals is something I find too juvenile at my age. With my extensive dating experience, I've come to the realization that if a man's interest in me isn't apparent, it's likely that he doesn't value me enough and therefore not worth pursuing.

1. Actions speak louder than words

He may verbalize his affection, but I need to sense it too. Actions speak louder than words, and if he claims to love me but treats me with indifference, or as if we're just friends, I won't believe him. If he wants a serious relationship, he needs to demonstrate it; otherwise, I'll assume he's not interested.

2. I don't want to be with someone who can't even tell me how he feels

Actions speak louder, but words also matter. If he likes me, he should express it, and I'll reciprocate. Genuine emotions cannot be contained, and if he's unable to communicate, we aren't compatible. I'm not interested in someone who keeps their feelings bottled up.

3. If he can't make a move then he's not trying hard enough

I desire a man who is willing to leave his comfort zone and take a chance on me because he believes I'm worth it. I may have traditional views on relationships, but a man who initiates the first move shows how much he values me. If he is truly interested in me, he'll pursue me; otherwise, I'll move on.

4. I don't want to decipher mixed signals

I have no interest in wasting time deciphering if a man is truly interested in me or if he's just keeping me as an option. The message should be crystal clear, and if it's not, I won't play games or try to solve the puzzle. If he can't communicate his feelings directly, then he's probably confused himself, and I'm not interested.

5. I want to be with a guy who only has eyes for me

I won't tolerate a man who keeps his options open and plays around. Casual relationships are not my thing; I'm seeking a serious commitment with a guy who shares the same level of dedication. He won't let his eyes wander, and he won't hesitate to make things official because he's genuinely interested in being with me and only me.

6. I don't want to be plagued with doubts

I already have enough anxiety in my life, and I don't need the added stress of worrying about a guy. I shouldn't have to constantly wonder if the man I like is on the same wavelength as me. What I seek is safety and security, not worry. If he cannot dispel my doubts by demonstrating his commitment, then I have to let him go.

7. I'm done wasting time on guys who play me hot and cold

I'm fed up with guys who act like I'm the only girl in the world one minute and ignore my texts the next. It's incredibly confusing, and I refuse to tolerate it any longer. Either he's interested all the time, or he's not interested at all. I can't handle the back and forth, and being played hot and cold is just plain cruel.

8. I want a man who's all-in

I'm not interested in just a piece of his heart; if he can't give me 100%, then I'm out. I need a man who's emotionally available and committed to me. Can he put his whole heart into this relationship, or will he always be ready to leave? I'm looking for a clear indication that he's all in, or else there's no relationship between us.

9. I'm willing to put myself out thereā€”I want the same in return

I hold myself to the same standards that I expect from a man. I'm open and honest about what I want and how I feel. I make my intentions and emotions clear. All I ask is that a man does the same. If I'm willing to be vulnerable with him, then I want him to reciprocate that level of liking and openness.