If I Have To Beg For Your Attention, It's Not Even Worth It

If I Have To Beg For Your Attention, It’s Not Even Worth It

Would you like to hear something truly shocking? I happen to be a strong woman who understands precisely what she wants and won't waste her time begging for your or anybody's attention, affection, or appreciation.

I just won't do it, and it has nothing to do with pride.

I came to this decision after realizing that I can't go around with my heart in my hand, sucking up to people so they can love me and show me affection.

Frankly, I deserve better. If you feel the need to withhold things from me, then you are free to keep them.

I get that you are a pretty nice guy and that you have no intention of hurting the woman who comes into your life. And I can see that you know how to respect a woman.

But let me tell you something. Respecting a woman is not just about allowing her to enjoy her freedom.

You Know What? Listening Is Also Respect

For instance, you tune out as soon as I start talking. What's up with that?

It's like your mind goes blank and your ears stop working. I hate having to repeat myself countless times because you won't listen to anything I am saying.

When I talk, I want someone who will look into my eyes. The person I am speaking to needs to pay close attention to what I am saying.

To me, that's very important. If you were not worth my attention, I wouldn't even be talking to you.

So, your attention as I talk is the least I deserve.

And I Don't Want The Eye Rolls Either

That does not count as paying attention to me. Why would you even do that?

You know what, I don't even care. If you have to act in such a disrespectful manner towards me, it's not worth being around you anymore.

And No, I'm Not Clingy

I am far from being clingy. For so long, I have been trying to do what men want by being around them and doing their bidding.

But that's no longer the person I am. I will not bend to anyone's will and stick around when I would be better off on my own.

I want a man who understands love and what it means for those involved.

Love Takes Two Committed People

Unless you are willing to make an effort to ensure our love works, then you better not waste my time. I want a man who has an overwhelming feeling within them that they need me in their lives.

Are you ready to put in the effort and make our relationship wonderful and worthwhile? Because if not, we don't belong together.

If love is a game for you, I will end it before you win because I have more important things to do with my time.

To you, I want to be the woman who is finally worth everything you have to offer. I want a man who truly believes I'm the best woman they have ever had because I will be.

With you, I want to feel loved and appreciated. And you should give me attention without me asking for it.

It's My Right

I'm not unreasonable here. I just know what I want, and I'm also tired of the mind games.

If you feel I am too much for you, tell me, and I will walk away.

But let me tell you this: no woman needs to be asking for these things from you. You should give her love, attention, appreciation, and everything else she needs even before she asks for it.

Be brave enough to give your woman what she deserves.

I want nothing to do with a relationship where I have to ask for attention, love, appreciation, and everything else I should get without asking.