If I Can't Trust You, I Can't Be With You

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It encompasses numerous aspects, such as having each other's best interests in mind, refraining from intentional harm, and honoring the boundaries established within the relationship. Although cheating is a significant breach of trust, it is not the only aspect of trust that is vital for the relationship to thrive. Without trust, the relationship is unlikely to succeed. Here's why.

1. It's Our Foundation

Although chemistry and laughter were initial factors that brought us together, for our relationship to truly thrive, trust must be at the core. It is essential for our progress as a couple.

2. I'll Never Snoop

I am not making an insincere commitment. If I reach a point where I feel compelled to check your phone, our relationship is essentially over. Trust is fundamental to our bond, and if you cannot be transparent with me, then continuing our relationship becomes pointless. In essence, it's that straightforward.

3. I Need My Privacy

Trust is a two-way street, and I offer it to you with the expectation of receiving it in return. However, this does not mean that I will divulge my passwords or merge our Facebook profiles into a single one (yuck!). As an individual, I require personal time and space, and you must trust that I am always acting in your best interest even when I am not in your presence.

4. Jealousy Becomes No One

Although jealousy is not a characteristic that typically defines me, the times when it has taken over my better judgment have left me dissatisfied with myself. Jealousy often stems from insecurity, a trait that no one enjoys acknowledging. I prefer to have confidence in what we share as a couple, rather than fretting over potential relationships you may have with others. Such worrying is unproductive and detrimental to all involved.

5. We Need It To Fight Fair

It's inevitable that we will encounter conflicts. In any wholesome relationship, occasional disagreements are bound to happen because we have different perspectives as individuals. However, resolving our differences in a constructive manner involves avoiding any intention of causing harm or belittling each other. It is crucial to maintain the trust we share, even in the heat of an argument.

6. It Helps Me To Forgive

We are not infallible and will inevitably make mistakes at times. Perhaps there are certain aspects that we need to improve on. Nonetheless, when you cause me pain, it can deeply affect me because I am emotionally invested in our relationship and cannot merely walk away. In such situations, my willingness to forgive is essential. If I can trust that you did not intend to harm me, it becomes easier for me to forgive.

7. I Never Want To Doubt You

You hold a significant place in my life, and our relationship is valuable to me. I do not wish to succumb to uncertainty and anxiety whenever our connection seems strained. I believe that you share the same sentiment. Therefore, fostering a mutual trust between us will be advantageous for both parties. I do not want to have negative assumptions about you, and trust enables me to maintain a positive outlook.