If I Can't Depend On You, I Can't Be With You


I have experienced dating a number of unreliable guys and have concluded that they are not suitable for a serious relationship. I am looking for a dependable partner who keeps his promises and is content to spend time with me. Although I am not overly demanding, having someone I can rely on is essential to me. Without that assurance, I cannot enter into a relationship with someone.

1. Showing up is the bare minimum

It's not an unreasonable request, is it? I can't see how I can sustain a relationship with a guy who fails to fulfill even the basic expectations of a boyfriend. If I can't rely on you for the small stuff, how can I trust you with the bigger things? Being a good boyfriend requires effort, but if you genuinely care for me, I'm sure you won't mind investing in our relationship.

2. If I can't depend on you, how can I trust you?

The cornerstone of any relationship is trust, and without it, I cannot feel secure with you. If you let me down, break promises, or stand me up, it's equivalent to lying. Since honesty is crucial, our relationship is bound to fail if you can't be there for me.

3. This is how mature relationships work

If you're not prepared for the commitment of a partnership, it's best to remain single. Relationships are challenging and require effort, but if you love me, it should be worthwhile. I don't expect you to have all the answers or solve every problem, but I do need you to be there for me. If you can't do even that, then we're unlikely to have a lasting relationship.

4. It's a two-way street

Our relationship is a mutual give-and-take where we can rely on each other. I don't expect anything from you that I wouldn't do myself. In fact, I want to support you. When you love and care about someone, being there for them is a source of pride. I care about your well-being and happiness. You can always count on me, and I hope to be able to say the same about you.

5. I need a basic level of commitment

I understand that commitment can seem intimidating, but it's a fundamental aspect of any relationship. Simply being my boyfriend isn't sufficient; you must genuinely make an effort. I require reassurance that when you agree to pick me up from work or attend a family dinner, you'll fulfill your commitment. I seek a partner who is capable of full commitment to our relationship and can continue to do so daily.

6. I want you to be confident in your love for me

I desire a partner who doesn't have to question their love for me continuously. I require a man who knows without a doubt that he loves me. It's not fair for me to wake up every day and worry that our relationship could end at any moment. If you're unsure about your feelings for me, then I can't be confident about us, and our relationship won't survive that lack of self-assurance.

7. I'm looking for an equal partner

I'm searching for a genuine partner and teammate to accompany me on life's journey. It may sound intense, but love and relationships are not to be taken lightly. Casual commitment doesn't appeal to me as it contradicts itself. I'm after the genuine article - a true love story. If you can't commit to being there for me and standing by my side, then I have no interest in this so-called "relationship." It's simply not for me.

8. I want more than just sex

I crave emotional intimacy. I require a supportive shoulder to cry on when times are difficult, someone I can turn to when I feel lost. I want you to be my unwavering rock, a man I can view as family and trust to always be by my side. A mere warm body in my bed isn't enough - I'm after genuine love. If you can't provide that, I'm afraid I cannot be with you.