If He's Torn Between You & Another Woman, Let Him Choose Her

If you're actively dating, you might be exploring your options by going out with a few different guys. Going on a single date doesn't signify exclusivity, which means it's okay to do so. However, if you've been seeing a guy for a while and he's indecisive about choosing between you and someone else, it might be best to end things. Here's why.

1. He'll Always Be Wondering If He Made The Right Choice

This situation puts a lot of pressure on both of you. By removing yourself from consideration, you'll be doing him a favor. If he eventually realizes that he wants to be with you, it's his responsibility to reach out to you and hope that you're still single.

2. You'll Always Be Wondering If He Made The Right Choice

If you struggle with low self-esteem, you might worry about whether he'll regret his decision in the future. Suddenly, you're in a competition with a woman you don't know at all. You might even be tempted to investigate her online just to learn more about her. Trust me - this is a rabbit hole you don't want to venture down.

3. You Want Someone With Eyes Just For You

It's unrealistic to expect that a guy has no dating or attraction history before he met you. However, finding out that he was weighing the pros and cons of being with you and someone else can be disheartening. You deserve to be with someone who didn't have to choose between you and someone else.

4. You'll Make Things Easier For The Other Woman

He's keeping both of you waiting for his decision. By telling him that you're not interested, you'll at least make it easier for the other woman he likes. It may seem strange, but women need to support each other, even in awkward situations like this.

5. If It Was Meant To Work Out, It Would Have

Have you ever considered how every decision you've made has led you to where you are today? Each choice, from your college major to where you chose to eat lunch last week, has impacted your path in some way. This situation is no different. Maybe you weren't meant to be with this guy. Perhaps the right guy for you is someone you'll encounter randomly in the future. Allow life to unfold naturally.

6. He's Probably Not Too Into You If He Has Any Doubt

While there are many great people in the world, this woman may possess several admirable qualities. However, the man you're interested in has explicitly conveyed that he doesn't see anything exceptional about you. To him, you're no different than anyone else. This wasn't a love-at-first-sight encounter, so it's worth considering how long this relationship will last.

7. It Makes You More Desirable

By removing yourself from the competition, you're taking charge of the situation, which is rather appealing. You're not allowing this man to determine your destiny. In his eyes, this shows that "she knows she deserves better than me," leaving him remorseful that he didn't lock you down sooner.

8. Because You're Done With Games

If you suspect that he's struggling to choose between you and another woman, he may turn it into a game, which is immature and merely an ego boost for him. You're seeking a partner, not someone who wants you to prove yourself to them. You don't have time for that.

9. You Probably Aren't As Into Him As You Want To Be

If you were truly interested in him, you would have taken more initiative. It's 2019, and you shouldn't wait around for his phone calls. If you had strong feelings for him, you would have asked him out for a second date right away or let him know that you see a serious future together. When you're genuinely passionate about someone, there's no room for other women to complicate things.

10. Because It's Weird He Even Told You There Was Someone Else

If a man is already in a relationship or married, it's essential that he discloses this information. However, if he's technically single and searching for a girlfriend, it's strange for him to go into detail about his dating life. He's only mentioning it to seem like a highly desirable candidate. It's highly probable that he's lying, so call his bluff and walk away from him quietly.