If He's Really A "Good Guy," Doing These 10 Things Will Come Naturally


Many men profess to be "good guys" who are misunderstood by women, but it's curious that they are often the same men who deceive, pursue multiple partners, and assume they are owed sex. In reality, such men are not good at all; they are unsavory individuals. If a man is truly good, he will demonstrate unmistakable signs:

1. He'll Actually Listen When You Talk

It's easy to tell when someone is truly paying attention to you or not. A genuinely nice guy won't merely feign interest in what you have to say for the sake of pursuing a physical relationship. Rather, he will actively listen because he genuinely cares about your thoughts and feelings. If you've been single for a while, this may sound too good to be true, but rest assured that such men do exist, and they are worth holding out for.

2. He'll Text You First, No Game Playing Required

When a guy is truly kind, you won't have to fret about texting him too soon and potentially being ignored or labeled as "crazy." The reason for this is that he will be equally enthusiastic about conversing with you and will demonstrate it by initiating communication. Even if you're accustomed to participating in foolish dating games, you'll be able to detect a genuine nice guy when you meet one.

3. He'll Be Honest About His Feelings

A "nice guy" will typically be distant, attempting to keep you in a casual relationship, whereas a genuinely kind guy will want to convey his emotions. He will desire to know if you share the same sentiments and will genuinely care about the prospect of a legitimate future with you. It's rather novel, isn't it?

4. He'll Let Down His Walls And Open Up To You

When you discover a genuine bond with a remarkable man, he won't feel compelled to act tough and mask his vulnerabilities. Instead, he will want to open up to you so that you can understand his true self. Even the most resilient individuals require an ally on occasion.

5. He'll Respect Your Autonomy

"Nice guys" often exhibit a tendency to transform into rude individuals the moment things don't go their way, but genuinely kind men provide a welcome change from such behavior. If a man is truly nice, he will value your independence, your perspectives, and your choices because he holds you in high esteem as a person.

6. He'll Never Act Like You Owe Him Anything

If you've ever gone out with a man who believes that a burger and a few beers entitles him to sex, you comprehend the depravity of such behavior. A man who is genuinely valuable will engage in kind acts for you because he takes pleasure in making you content, not because he hopes to get intimate with you.

7. He'll Plan Actual Dates Ahead Of Time

While players may go days without contacting you and then randomly text "You up?" in the middle of the night, truly kind men arrange dates because they genuinely desire to spend time with you, not just engage in physical intimacy. Don't underestimate yourself; don't settle for a late-night hookup request when you know you deserve a romantic picnic in the park.

8. He'll Make It Worth Your While To Try Again

Despite experiencing significant emotional wounds in the past and losing faith in humanity, the arrival of a new person in your life can inspire you to pursue the future you've always envisioned. It's incredible how much more enjoyable dating can be when you cease dating undesirable individuals and opt for genuinely kind men instead.

9. He'll Be Open To Commitment

A truly kind man won't aim to keep you on the hook without making a commitment. If the relationship is flourishing, he will want to provide it with a genuine opportunity to succeed because he values having you in his life more than he cares about pursuing other women.

10. He'll Help You Become The Best Version Of Yourself

A genuine and kind man will be familiar with your aspirations and ambitions because he pays attention, and he will motivate you to accomplish everything you desire. This is the type of individual you desire in your life because he will instill in you a sense of optimism about the future like never before.