If He's Not Giving You The Commitment You Want, Get Out Of His Life ASAP

It can be incredibly perplexing when you're in a relationship with a man, everything appears to be going smoothly, but you can't seem to grasp the nature of your relationship or where it's headed. He may express a desire to "take it easy" or state that he's cautious about committing because of past hurts, but it's time to stop tolerating such excuses. If you're aware that you want a genuine, committed relationship, don't accept anything less. If he's unable to provide the level of commitment you seek, leave his life as soon as possible and seek out someone who can.


1. His Excuses Won't Change

While there is a slim possibility that a man who is hesitant about commitment may change his mind in the future, it is quite uncommon. More often than not, when a man uses excuses such as commitment-phobia or avoiding labels, it is simply because he has no interest in commitment and wants a fallback excuse to use when the subject arises again. It is certainly more painful to invest a year of your time into a relationship and then hear the words, "I told you I wasn't ready," than to walk away from the situation when he initially expresses reluctance. To save yourself from heartbreak, it's best to exit before becoming too invested.


2. You Get What You Accept

If you settle for casual relationships without labels, you will never achieve anything more. If your aim is to find a genuine and significant commitment, you must begin by not settling for anything less and not allowing another person's problems to hinder your own desires and requirements.

3. It's Not Your Job To Fix Someone Else

There is no need to remain in a relationship to prove your worth to a man simply because someone from his past mistreated him, or he has become cynical about commitment due to a friend's unpleasant divorce. Your only responsibility is to date with honesty and integrity, and if someone does not match your standards, you have the privilege of continuing your search without carrying someone else's baggage.


4. Some People Meet At The Wrong Time And That's Okay

Timing can be harsh, and you may encounter a man who appears to be perfect but is not ready for a relationship at that point in their life. This is a common occurrence, but it is not advisable to wait for him to sort out his own problems. Meeting men who do not meet your criteria is a necessary aspect of finding the authentic commitment and love you desire.


5. There Are Guys Out There Who Want Real Commitment

While it is true that some men are hesitant about commitment, this does not apply to all men. There are good men who are seeking love in the same way that you are. You deserve a man who is willing to introduce you as his girlfriend, make future plans with you, and be completely committed to your relationship. Relationships are not complicated; either you genuinely want to be together or not. It's as straightforward as that.


6. You're Worth More Than Blurred Lines

Remaining with a man who is unwilling to define your relationship and becomes hesitant when you attempt to have meaningful conversations is utterly exhausting, and you should not be involved in such madness. If you are clear about what you want and he is unwilling to align with you, there is no need to be left hanging or uncertain about the future of your relationship.


7. Take What He Says At Face Value

Despite how difficult it may be to hear, do not attempt to interpret any hidden meanings or hold onto false hopes that he will eventually change his mind, as this is unlikely. If a man is genuinely interested in you and desires to be with you, nothing can stop him, even if he has had a terrible experience in the past.

8. You Want The Guy Who's Looking For The Same Things That You Are

Do you prefer to stay in a relationship with someone who is not as invested as you are or take a chance and pursue a man who genuinely cares about you and wants to be with you without any hesitation? The solution should be apparent, so stop investing your time in option A and proceed with plan B, which involves discovering a genuine man who wants the same things as you do.


9. He's Not Leading You On If You Stay — You're Leading Yourself On

Remaining in a relationship with a man who cannot give you what you genuinely desire is only causing yourself torment. This pain is self-inflicted. If he has already revealed that he is not prepared or unwilling to commit, you cannot fault him for leading you on if you decide to persist. It is akin to playing an out-of-order slot machine that never pays out; you are wasting your time on a game that cannot be won.


10. You Deserve To Have What You're Looking For… With Someone Else

You are worthy of being with a man who matches your level of effort and commitment and shares your relationship goals. If you seek a genuine commitment and a sincere relationship, cease investing your time in a man who cannot provide it. Regardless of his justifications, you merit better. Remove yourself from his life as soon as possible.