If He's Not Giving You Attention, He's NOT Interested — It's As Simple As That

Ignoring the obvious fact that someone you liked doesn't reciprocate your feelings may cause temporary embarrassment, but it won't make you feel better in the long run. Don't make excuses for their indifference, such as being busy or not being the texting type, because the reality is they're simply not interested in you. Instead, focus your energy on finding someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

1. Everyone can see through it

Your friends may have initially believed your excuses for his absence and lack of initiative, but eventually, they will see through your cover-ups and realize they're just excuses. Whether it's his busy schedule or shyness, making excuses for his behavior is just BS.

2. You're embarrassing yourself

Admitting that someone you like doesn't have feelings for you may seem humiliating, but it's far worse to cling to someone who's not worth your time and effort. Don't waste your energy chasing after someone you know you'll never be able to have.

3. Living in denial is no way to live

Ignoring the obvious reality that someone isn't putting in the effort to be with you will only lead to more hurt in the future. Denying the truth doesn't change the situation, and eventually, you'll have to confront it regardless. So why waste your time living in denial?

4. He's just leading you on

If you make excuses for his disinterest but continue to allow him back into your life to fulfill his desires (i.e. sex), then he will persist in his behavior because it's effective. He's aware that you're more invested in the relationship than he is, but he doesn't care because you're letting him off the hook.

5. A relationship shouldn't be lopsided

As a smart individual, you understand that a relationship should involve equal effort from both parties. Making excuses for his lack of effort means you're shouldering the responsibility to keep the relationship going smoothly or at least appear that way. Sustaining a relationship requires work, and if he's not putting in the effort now, he's unlikely to suddenly start in the future.

6. He could at least make his own excuses

If he had any level of concern for you, he would invest the effort to craft excuses that sound more genuine than the cliche phrases like "busy at work" or "my phone died." If his excuses sound unconvincing, it's likely because he doesn't care whether you believe him or not, and that's a troubling indication of his feelings towards you.

7. You can do a lot better

Remember, there are plenty of single guys out there who would gladly make time for you. Why waste your time on someone who can't be bothered to prioritize you? Focus your energy on those who are genuinely interested in you and don't settle for less.

8. If he liked you, he'd make an effort

Let's be frank, if someone is genuinely interested in you, no excuse, real or imagined, would keep them from being with you. You should avoid making excuses for someone who lacks interest in you, and it's not worth pursuing or obsessing over someone who doesn't reciprocate your feelings. It's simply not going to happen.

9. If he isn't treating you well, that's partly on you

Occasionally, guys may push boundaries to test their limits. If you allow him to come and go from your life without consequence, he will continue to do so because there's no reason for him to stop.

10.If he's checking out other girls, he's interested in other girls

It's normal and expected for guys to notice attractive girls occasionally, but if he's blatantly checking them out in front of you, talking about hooking up with other girls, and behaving as though he doesn't care about hurting you, then he simply doesn't care. It's best to find a guy who respects you enough to have eyes only for you or, at the very least, act like it.

11. It's actually really easy to send a text

You might justify his lack of communication by claiming that he was too preoccupied with work, his phone died, or he was caught up with his friends. However, the truth is that if he genuinely wanted to talk to you, he would have found a way to do so. Sending a quick text to let you know he'll be busy is all it takes, and if you can do it for him, he should be able to do it for you.

12. If it feels like an "almost relationship" then that's what it is

There are several warning signs that indicate that you're not truly in a relationship. For instance, you haven't met any of his friends, he goes days without contacting you, and he's never referred to you as his girlfriend. It's important to acknowledge the reality of the situation instead of denying it. He's unlikely to take you seriously, so it's better to accept it and move on.