If He's Hot And Cold With You, It's Time To Burn His Number

If he fails to acknowledge your worth by committing to you and being a steady presence in your life, it's not worth your time to wait for him. The bottom line is that a man who oscillates between showing interest and disinterest is not a good fit for your life.

1. He's giving you mixed messages

It can be confusing when a guy switches between showing intense interest in you and then suddenly becoming distant. This behavior could mean one of two things: either he's playing mind games to keep you hooked or he's just not that into you, and the latter is more probable. A guy who genuinely likes you won't resort to such juvenile tactics.

2. He might slow fade or ghost you

Be cautious of a guy who appears erratic and undependable because it could be an indication that he's preparing to exit your life permanently. It would be best to take matters into your own hands and delete his number and block him before he gets the chance to do it himself. This will benefit both him and you.

3. You can do so much better

Spending time on a guy who lacks genuine interest in you or doesn't appreciate you enough is unnecessary. If a guy truly deserves you, he should be fully committed to you without any reservations. Don't settle for a passive and unenthusiastic person who keeps you in limbo.

4. He likes you when it's convenient for him

A guy who is inconsistent in his behavior is being self-centered. He only puts in effort when it suits him, like when he's feeling bored or lonely, and then suddenly reaches out to you. This behavior is unacceptable. He should consistently make an effort, and you have the right to demand nothing less from him.

5. He should know what he wants

You can't afford to invest your time in guys who are indecisive and lack direction. You deserve to be with someone who is confident in themselves and has a clear vision for their future, with you as a central part of it. You're not a secondary character in anyone's life because you hold more value than that. If he can't recognize that, it's best to sever ties with him immediately.

6. You'll spend many nights waiting

A guy who oscillates between showing interest and disinterest will leave you feeling confused and frustrated. You may find yourself analyzing his unusual behavior with your closest friends or anxiously waiting for his promised call that never comes. This experience is draining and ultimately fruitless. If he's acting this way now, he's likely to disappoint you again in the future. It's best to move on and not waste your time, energy, and emotions on someone who can't be consistent.

7. He's being shifty

It's impossible for a guy to both like and dislike you simultaneously, so what's his game? If he's sending mixed messages, he's likely being dishonest. A guy who truly likes you will be transparent about his feelings and intentions, and won't leave you feeling like you're in a relationship with two different people. If this guy is exhibiting unpredictable behavior, it's a sign that one of his personas is disingenuous.

8. He's waiting for something better

He may be one of those individuals who are never content with what he has and is constantly searching for something better. This type of guy tends to keep women on standby in case he needs them, but he can't commit to any of them because he's always holding out for something better. This behavior is unbecoming.

9. You should burn his number before he burns you

Spending time with a guy who is indecisive and unpredictable is never enjoyable, and it's a recipe for disaster. Eventually, you'll become fed up or heartbroken, and he likely won't care since you're the one who has been emotionally invested in him. He hasn't invested in you at all.

10. You won't be able to trust him even if he changes

Hoping that he'll become a better man for you and stop sending mixed signals is wishful thinking. Even if he miraculously becomes more consistent, you might still have trust issues with him. And why shouldn't you? If he has blown hot and cold before, he'll likely do it again, and it will be even more challenging to handle.

11. You're never going to be his priority

A guy who treats you like an option will never prioritize you in his life. Don't settle for being an afterthought and demand more for yourself, but don't expect him to change. Take charge and remove him from your life. Create space on your phone for a better guy who will pursue you rather than make you chase him.