If He's Dumb Enough To Leave, Be Smart Enough To Let Him Go

If He’s Dumb Enough To Leave, Be Smart Enough To Let Him Go

Loving is supposed to come naturally, but sometimes we fall in love with someone who doesn't love us back. We try to please them and make them love us the way we love them, but it's useless. This might seem harsh, but you'd better stop chasing after a man who wants to go and focus on your own life. The jerk isn't worth it. The truth is, no amount of begging will make him love you. Here's why letting him stay in your past is the best decision:

There's plenty of fish in the sea

Choosing to move on can be scary. You just don't know where to start and whom to love. Instead of complaining and being hard on yourself, look for a better guy. There are so many of them. Eventually, you'll meet him and realize what fun you've been missing out on by sticking to the pig you once thought you loved.

With time, you'll love your decision

Some wise person said time heals all wounds. We can all confirm this. One of those wounds is walking away from pointless relationships. No matter how much you dig him, girl, you're better than selling yourself short to a bastard who doesn't deserve you. It might hurt now, but in the not-so-distant future, you'll realize it was totally worth it.

Fighting for him to love you isn't love

Someone who truly loves you does it unconditionally. If you keep texting him, calling him and even showing up at his place for him to love you, you're forcing it on him, and he'll use it against you. The last thing you want is being some guy's puppet.

You're not desperate

Come on, girl. Look in the mirror, and you'll see a beautiful woman who can get a guy with the snap of her fingers. Yeah, your confidence may be down now, but you know better than clinging on a guy who doesn't acknowledge your worth. Give yourself time. Sooner than you think, you'll bounce back on your feet and move on.

Someone better is waiting for you

Most times, the only way to get something better is to let go of what we have now. Don't keep pressuring him to love you if he doesn't. Take the bold step and move on. A dude with real hots for you won't leave your side no matter what. You never know, he might be closer than you think and when he walks into your life, you won't even remember your ex.

He's bound to feel sorry for letting you go

When you let him go confidently, he'll miss you with time and long for you to come back. He'll realize that no woman can ever fill your place, but guess what? It'll be too late. You'd have moved on, feeling super and extremely great for putting him behind you.

The least you can do is be strong

Let's go through the facts: you gave him your heart, you trusted him, you loved him, but he didn't love you back. You've cried enough. Stop eating yourself fat and get a grip. Be strong and move on. I'll be lying if I say it's easy in the beginning, but slowly, you'll get the hang of it.