If He Wants To Walk Away, Let Him Go

If He Wants To Walk Away, Let Him Go

Everyone deserves to fall crazily in love, but what if you fall in love with someone who decides they can not love you the way that you want to be loved? It's painful to realize that the person you love doesn't love you back. It is natural to want to stay and try to fight and change for the person you love, to make them love you back. But the reality is, you can not make anyone love you. You need to realize that if someone does not love you, it's time to walk away. If a man wants to walk away from you, here are the reasons you should just let him go:

1. If he doesn't love you, somebody else will

Though it can be very difficult in this day and age to find a man that has a good head on his shoulders and is worth settling down with, they are out there! I can't promise you that you won't have any more heartbreak in your future, but in time you will meet a man who will make letting go of all the other men and all your past pain worth it. Let a man who refuses to love you go, so you can make room in your life for the man who will love, cherish and never leave you.

2. Things will feel better if you don't beg

There is no worse feeling than the empty one in the pit of your stomach when you beg for someone to love you, and they turn you away. If he doesn't love or want to be with you, let it go. It will feel better when you don't beg for his love. It is very demeaning and damages you to beg. Give yourself time, and lean on those who truly love you. In time the pain from him being gone will subside.

3. Lessons will always make you stronger

Like many things in life that cause pain, this will make you stronger. You will come out of this stronger than ever. Loving someone who doesn't want to love you back shows you what not to accept, and in time it shows you what strength you have within you to let someone you love go.

4. He will regret not loving you

He may be confident in his decision of not loving you right now, but one day, maybe sooner or later, he will regret it. When he realizes that you were significant to him and treated him with true love, like no other woman has been willing, he will be too late. You will be over him and you will have moved on, and he will think of you. Be glad you walked away.

5. You should not have to fight for someone to love you

If someone does not love you, do not waste your time trying to convince them that you are the one. If you have given someone all of you and still do not love you, do not fight and change who you are to make them love you. Do not beg for anyone. If you have to beg for someone to stay with you, that is not real love. You do not want pity love. Let them go.

6. This isn't a big deal

A year, or maybe even six months from now, you will look back on how hard it was to let him go, and you will laugh at how silly you were. You will think it was dumb to make someone love you who didn't even know how to love.

I know you are hurting right now, but in the future, you will feel better. You owe it to yourself to let go of things that do not make you better. Someone who doesn't love you cannot be forced to love you, and you should not hurt yourself by trying and make them. You deserve better than that. Everyone does. Love does not hurt you, and love does not push away from you. If he is dumb enough to walk away from the incredible love you have to offer, let him! This world is enormous, and one day you will find someone who will sweep you off of your feet and show you what true love is. Stay strong and walk away from those who do not love you, no matter how hard it is!