If He Shows These 10 Signs, He Doesn't Love Or Want You Anymore

If He Shows These 10 Signs, He Doesn’t Love Or Want You Anymore

Have you recently been feeling unloved? Do you think some things have changed about your man? Don't just speculate.

I will share 10 signs men show to tell you they don't love or want you anymore.

It isn't always the guy's fault. He might have discovered something he can't live with or he has seen that you're not making adjustments to potentially destructive attributes. Instead of breaking up outright, some men would preferably want you to come to that conclusion yourself.


If your man is showing some or all of these signs, you can choose to talk to him about it and make him tell you how he really feels. That way, you would know if you are to hold on or to let go.

You are no longer a priority

He now puts you at the bottom of his priority list. He chooses any other activity over you and would preferably stay with his friends rather than spend time with you.


He is no longer a call or text away. These days, he's never there for you because you don't matter as much as you used to.

It could be as a result of anything. He met someone new who caught his fancy, or he's tired of the relationship because he had been giving more than he was getting and now he's determined to move on. It could be anything.

He lies to you

Lies are often told to hide the truth. A man who still loves you won't hide his mistakes. Even if he does, it won't be for long because he would want you to find out from him as opposed to hearing it elsewhere.


Once he starts lying and refuses to admit it even when the truth is so glaring, he doesn't care what you think anymore or how his actions affect you.

He becomes secretive

Remember the start of your relationship? You always wanted to tell each other everything. Except for certain information that will harm you or those close to you should you find out, he won't keep anything from you. He trusted you to share his burden and secrets.


Now, he hides everything. His call history, bank statement, he walks out to talk to his parents, doesn't tell you where he was even if he comes in late, keeps his activities a secret, and so on.

If things were never like that prior to now, there's a problem somewhere.

He doesn't want to be seen with you

You were his pride. He wanted to show you off to everyone. But now, he doesn't want to go out with you. It's either your dress isn't right, you don't fit the part, or your tummy is too big. He just comes up with random excuses not to be seen with you.


Even when you work out to be fit, he doesn't notice. He most times would attend an event before you even find out about it.

You both need to talk. If the situation doesn't improve, you can decide on what to do next; to rebuild or to break.

A lack of communication

Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. If a relationship lacks communication, it won't thrive.


If you can't communicate your thoughts, feelings, and needs to your partner and he chooses not to share his with you, your relationship is headed for disaster.

Love makes you want to share things with each other. If one of you no longer feels the need to do so, then what's lacking is obvious.

He acts like you don't exist

Prior to now, you used to make decisions together. He made sure you were actively involved in his life.


These days, he doesn't consult you before doing anything. Your opinions don't matter. He basically acts like he's single.

He constantly compares you to others

Comparison steals our joy. More importantly, if the person making comparisons is someone we really care about, we tend to accept what they say which could negatively impact our self-esteem.


A man who is no longer content with what he gets from his relationship might start making comparisons. This is especially so when he meets someone new who seems more exciting.

Contentment overrules the need to make comparisons. If this is lacking, have a sit-down. Talk things through. See if there's anything you can do to spice things up and bring back the fun.

He doesn't try to make you stay in love

Love isn't just a feeling. It's a decision to stay and stick things through. It requires effort to remain in love.


If your man is no longer making any effort to keep you, something is wrong somewhere.

He withdraws

He no longer shares stuff about himself and isn't a part of your life anymore. He avoids making physical contact with you. He doesn't want to kiss you or hold your hand. Even a hug from him seems so impersonal.

If you can feel his withdrawal or notice some of the above-mentioned changes, it might be as a result of something you did and he's trying to tell you via his reaction that it didn't sit well with him. Otherwise, his love may be growing cold.


He is unhappy

I'm sure you derive a certain degree of happiness and satisfaction from knowing that your presence in a person's life brings them untold joy. But when that special person no longer looks or feels happy with your presence in his life, it's a cue to let go.

An unhappy courtship precedes an unhappy marriage. If your man is no longer happy with you and you've done all you could, wisely and bravely let go.


The decision to hold on or let go in all seriousness is entirely in your hands.

What should I do?

The signs discussed above could also be a result of other underlying issues besides being out of love or not wanting you anymore. Do your best to get to the bottom of the matter. If it can be fixed, go ahead and give it your best shot. If it can't and you chose to part ways, you'll know you gave your best.