If He Says Any Of These Things When You Turn Him Down, You Dodged A Bullet

Rejection can be tough to handle, even for the strongest of men. When guys get rejected by a girl they like, they tend to get upset and say mean things to try and hurt her. If you're a girl, you've likely heard these hurtful lines from guys who couldn't handle rejection like an adult.

1. "It Doesn't Seem Fair That You're Not Willing To Give Me A Chance, Even Though I Consider Myself A Nice Guy"

It's not fair for a guy to feel entitled to a girl's time and attention when she's not interested in him. Love isn't always fair, and guys who complain about it need to toughen up. We don't live in a Disney universe where everyone is paired up, and guys who can't accept that fact need to grow up.

2. "I Don't Like You, Anyway! I Was Really Doing You A Favor Because You're Ugly"

Saying hurtful things to a girl who rejected you is not only cruel but also shows a lack of empathy. These guys forget that they were just telling the girl how beautiful she was and seem oblivious to how foolish they appear if their insults were true.

3. "At Least Give Me A Hug Or Kiss?"

Is it now expected for girls to offer consolation prizes to guys? If a girl does not want to touch a guy, it is inappropriate for him to draw attention to her and pressure her into a hug. This type of behavior disregards personal boundaries and is unacceptable.

4. "Go For A Bad Boy Who Will Beat You Instead, Just Don't Come Back To Me Afterwards"

The idea that women seek out abusers is frighteningly prevalent among some men. When a man asserts this, he is essentially claiming that women who reject him deserve to be abused. No one deserves to be abused except for the abusers themselves. If a man says this to you, it means that you have narrowly avoided a significant, immature, and self-centered individual.

5. "You're A Promiscuous And Dumb Woman, Anyway"

Apparently, according to some, promiscuous women are the ones who refuse men's advances. This contradicts the definition of promiscuity. Furthermore, why is it that we assign less worth to women based on their sexual history, while we do not do the same for men? This attitude reeks of misogyny.

6. "What? I Did Buy You Dinner And Everything...!"

Men who display this type of resentful behavior and complaining make women very uncomfortable with accepting gifts or free meals from them. Simply because a man buys dinner for a woman does not mean that she is obligated to have sex with him, date him, or marry him. Men who desire "transactional love" can engage the services of an escort for an hour.

7. "Your Boyfriend Is Probably Broke, On The Contrary To Me"

There are multiple levels to this BS, and it's frustrating. Men who claim that money can buy them love are bitter. The truth is, money cannot buy love. Therefore, why do they feel the need to take out their frustrations on us and criticize our taste in men?

8. "Don't Need You. I Can Get A Girl Like You Anytime"

If a man is truly successful with women, why would he resort to using Tinder to chat someone up? Men who brag about their sexual conquests are often lying. Furthermore, it's not surprising that these men rarely have any actual success with women.

9. "I Was Hitting On You?! Hell No, I Have A Girlfriend!"

If a man is already in a committed relationship, why would he be using OkCupid or Tinder? His presence on these apps should raise concerns about his character. Fortunately, by dodging this bullet, you have avoided a potentially disastrous situation.

10. "All Girls Like You Want Is A Guy With A Six Pack And A Six Figure Income"

Most of the men I know who are in relationships and have active sex lives lack the superficial qualities that some women seem to prioritize. Women value personality, not material possessions. Men who focus on their wealth and status are often more interested in complaining than they are in impressing their partners.

11. "You're Too Young To Know Better - I Feel Bad For You"

A 40-year-old once found it "cute" that I preferred a partner who wasn't significantly older than me. However, guys who make such comments are entitled, rude, and condescending. They cannot fathom why young girls wouldn't want to be with them despite the vast age gap. Interestingly, I haven't seen such men chasing after older women, so perhaps they should abandon the double standard.

12. "Friendzoned, Really!"

Sorry, but you weren't "friendzoned," my friend. The best-case scenario is that you were just friends with a woman whom you made uncomfortable and emotionally abused because she refused to have sex with you. At worst, you landed in the "Oh God, why is he still talking to me?" zone. Do I need to elaborate any further?