If He Really Loves You, He Will Do These Things Instead Of Leaving You Guessing


Some men enjoy playing games with women's emotions, but when you find a man who truly cares about you, those games disappear. Say goodbye to all the BS and welcome the behavior you can expect from your guy.

1. He Won't Have A Wandering Eye

A man who loves you won't flirt with other women. He won't check out other women in front of you, and he would never even think about cheating. Why? Because he has eyes only for you. When a man's love is real, you can rest assured that you are his one and only.

2. He'll Not Only Tell You His Feelings, He'll Show Them Too

If a man genuinely loves you, he won't hesitate to express his feelings for you. Every day, you will wake up knowing that you are loved. His words will hold meaning, and he won't say one thing and do another. Furthermore, he will not just say the words, but he will also demonstrate his affection for you every single day.

3. He Won't Keep You Waiting By The Phone

A man who loves you will respond to your messages in a timely manner. He won't take you for granted by making you wait by the phone, trying to decipher his messages when he finally decides to send them. He will respond to you promptly because he wants to communicate with you and make plans with you. Men who aren't that into you may take days to reply or only contact you when they are bored, but a man who loves you will text you back as soon as possible.

4. He'll Love You For Exactly The Person You Are

Men who don't give a damn are the ones who pressure women to change themselves. But if a man truly loves you, he won't make you feel inadequate. He'll appreciate you just as you are because you're an amazing woman. A man who deserves your love will recognize that.

5. He Won't Pressure You Into Sex

A man who values you will respect your boundaries and won't pressure you into doing anything you're not ready for. Men who do that only care about one thing: sex. When it comes to physical intimacy, your partner should never make you feel uncomfortable or pressured to do something you're not comfortable with.

6. He Won't Be Afraid Of Commitment

A man who's genuinely in love with you won't give you lame excuses about not being ready for a real relationship. He'll be committed to you and want to take the next step. He won't drag things out or beat around the bush because he'll know that he doesn't want to lose an amazing woman like you.

7. He'll Make His Intentions Clear

Don't leave your love life to chance. If a man is sending you mixed signals, he doesn't value your relationship. A true gentleman won't subject you to the anxiety of guessing his intentions or whether he is truly invested in you. He will make his feelings clear and straightforward because he would never risk losing you over something as trivial as conflicting messages.

8. He Won't Keep His Options Open

He isn't preparing a contingency plan in case your relationship fails. He isn't keeping other women on standby for his next rebound. He isn't treating being with you as just a possibility or an alternative. You are the sole woman he desires to be with, and that's why he isn't leaving any room for doubt. He is fully committed to you, which is why you can feel safe and secure in his embrace.

9. If He Says He'll Be There, He Will Be

If he truly loves you, he will be a dependable man. As an independent woman, you should be able to rely on your partner when necessary. He should be there for you as a shoulder to cry on, and when you are stressed, he should offer to help alleviate the burden.

10. He'll Make An Effort To Gain Your Trust

A truthful relationship is what he builds with you, not one based on falsehoods. You are deserving of the truth, and a man who doesn't love or respect you won't care about earning or maintaining your trust. He may believe that keeping things from you won't cause harm, but that mentality is unacceptable.

11. He'll Actually Make Time For You

It is far too common in modern dating to feel like a man's last priority. However, if he genuinely has feelings for you, he will want to spend time with you no matter what. It's possible that you're both busy, but when you truly care about someone, you make the effort to prioritize being together. It's as straightforward as that.