If He Likes You, He'll Do These Things Without You Having To Ask

If you find yourself strongly attracted to a guy and you're unsure why he isn't responding in kind, it's natural to feel frustrated and attempt to increase your efforts to convince him of your worth. However, it's important to remember that it's impossible to coerce someone into liking you. If the guy is genuinely interested, he will demonstrate his feelings through his actions.

1. Hel'll Text You More Than You Text Him

The common belief that guys despise texting and view it as a nuisance is false. The reality is that if a guy is genuinely interested in you, he will initiate texting more frequently than you and maintain this level of communication throughout your entire relationship. He will be unable to resist inquiring about your day, making witty remarks, and sharing his personal experiences with you via text.

2. He'll Move Everything Forward

He ensures that you leave every date with a concrete plan for the next one. He consistently communicates that he enjoys spending time with you and values you as an individual. This fosters a sense of assurance that your relationship is moving forward in a positive direction, and you have no reason to question the prospect of continuing to see each other.

3. He'll Articulate How He Feels About You

If a guy is interested in you, he will express his feelings toward you directly. Although you may find this hard to believe, particularly if you've had negative experiences in the past with men who avoid emotional discussions, it is the truth. He will not only use the words "I like you," but he will also provide reasons for his attraction. Experiencing this type of honest communication is an amazing feeling.

4. He'll Get Way Sappier Than You Ever Would

It's a common misconception that men not only detest texting but also dislike anything remotely romantic. However, this is far from the truth. If a man is interested in you, he will not hesitate to express his love and affection in an overtly cheesy and sentimental manner. He will proclaim that he has never experienced such intense feelings before and that you are the missing piece he has been searching for. You will receive sweet and affectionate text messages, complete with emoticons, and feel incredibly fortunate.

5. He'll Want To Spend All Of His Time With You

He won't accuse you of being too clingy, nor will he demand space. He refuses to follow in the footsteps of the men who came before him. Instead, he prioritizes regular contact with you, as he finds the alternative of sitting at home alone on a Saturday night and thinking about you far too disheartening.

6. He'll Tell You About His Family And Friends

If a man has no intention of pursuing a serious relationship with you, he will not spend his time engaging in conversations about his childhood best friend or sister. However, a man who genuinely desires to be in a romantic relationship with you will eagerly reveal details about the important people in his life.

7. He'll Show Emotional Maturity

If a man is genuinely interested in you, he understands that he needs to elevate his efforts or face the possibility of losing you. He recognizes your strength and exceptional qualities and knows that you are not willing to settle for just anyone. Thus, he will strive to present himself as emotionally mature, ensuring that he doesn't miss his chance with you. He won't just communicate his thoughts and feelings, but will also ensure that both of you are aligned in terms of the relationship's direction.

8. He'll Want To Share New Things And Experiences With You

When a man desires to share experiences with you, whether it's binge-watching the latest season of Stranger Things or attending a yoga class because he knows it's your favorite, it's a clear indication that he is deeply smitten.

9. He'll Act Nervous A Lot Of The Time

It's incredibly endearing to witness a witty and self-assured man turn to mush when he's enamored with a woman. Even if you reciprocate his feelings and are on the same page, this guy will still feel incredibly anxious and apprehensive around you. Nevertheless, his vulnerability is incredibly charming.

10. He'll Take Things Slow

While he may yearn to kiss you and explore physical intimacy, a man who genuinely cares about you won't want to make you feel uneasy. He'll take things at a comfortable pace, ensuring that you trust him and feel at ease. It may be amusing because you may begin to question if he's truly interested if he's not rushing to kiss or sleep with you. However, the fact that he's taking his time is a clear indication that he is deeply into you. When you do finally take that next step, it will be more fulfilling than ever, and you'll be certain that you've found the one.