If He Is Sending You These Texts, Beware — He Is Going To Be A Controlling Partner


On occasion, it may seem as if a man transforms into a controlling and possessive partner overnight, but this is seldom the case. By observing early warning signs, such as his texting behavior, you can identify red flags ahead of time. These are 11 texting behaviors that indicate he may have controlling tendencies.

1. He's The King Of Multiple Texts

Instead of sending just one text and waiting for your response, he bombards you with six messages even before you get a chance to reply to the first one. While receiving a couple of long and passionate messages can be endearing, it's concerning if he consistently craves your attention. If you find yourself constantly receiving a barrage of texts from him, it's evident that he's desperate for a reply.

2. He Double-Texts A Lot

Please note that we've all sent double-texts at some point, and it's usually not a big deal. However, if a guy consistently sends you double-texts, it can come across as him pressuring you to respond. This behavior is excessive and suggests that he doesn't believe his messages are getting through to you, even though he likely knows they are. His primary goal is to ensure that you reply to him.

3. He Asks Where You Are

While it's understandable for the guy you're dating to inquire about your whereabouts during a pause in the texting conversation, it can be a red flag if he consistently sends "Where are you?" messages. This behavior can indicate that he's trying to control you and requires you to keep him updated on your every move.

4. He Calls If You Don't Answer His Texts

When you miss a text from him, and he calls you ten minutes later because you haven't responded, it can be a sign that he's overly intense. Although he may give you an excuse for the call, such as thinking his message didn't go through or hoping you didn't misinterpret it, a controlling person may feel the need to speak with you immediately to ensure they get their way. This behavior can be a red flag.

5. He Moves Onto Social Media

Even though he may not call you, he becomes upset when you don't respond to his text messages immediately. As a result, he resorts to messaging you on your social media accounts, which can be classified as stalking behavior. This conduct is particularly alarming if he doesn't have a close relationship with you. It's not appropriate for him to slide into your DMs and demand a response. It begs the question, who does he think he is?

6. He Offers To Swing By

If you inform him that you're enjoying some drinks with your friends at a bar, and his reply is that he could join you and your friends, you may initially think it's sweet and that he's eager to see you. However, if he frequently tries to insert himself into your social plans with others, it could indicate that he's concerned about what you might be doing. This type of behavior can be a warning sign of possessiveness and control.

7. He Texts When He Knows You're Busy

Despite you informing him of your busy work schedule, he continues to text you multiple times, possibly even requesting urgent assistance. It's concerning that he doesn't seek help from someone else, considering he's aware of your workload. This controlling behavior is not only an indication of his craving for your attention but also a desire for you to comply with his requests.

8. He Sent You Tons Of Texts When You First Met

When you first met him, the frequent texts were enjoyable because it was refreshing to connect with someone who was interested in consistent communication. However, as he began sending more controlling texts, it became evident that his overt expressions of love and affection were part of a scheme to exert control over others. This behavior is a warning sign that he may have controlling tendencies.

9. He Checks That You're "Safe"

It's a thoughtful gesture when a guy ensures that you arrived home safely after a date. However, a controlling individual will take this behavior to another level. They may begin demanding that you message them every time you return home from a date with them or even from work. If you fail to comply, they may become upset and send messages themselves or express frustration that you didn't follow their guidelines.

10. He Plays Games With You

There may be instances when you have to cancel a date at the last minute, but a controlling man may use this tactic to his advantage. For instance, if you recently canceled on him, he might retaliate by canceling plans with you. Similarly, he may mimic your texting behavior, such as taking longer to reply to messages if you've done the same. This is a way for him to assert control and create a dynamic where you are reliant on him.

11. He Asks For Pics Of You

At first, it may seem cute when he asks for a photo of you and your friends before you head out. However, this behavior may have a more sinister motive. He could be attempting to scrutinize your appearance and criticize it. For instance, he may comment on the length of your dress or the color of your hair. It's a red flag when a guy tries to control your appearance and dictates how you should dress. It's best to remove him from your life as soon as possible before his controlling tendencies escalate further.