If He Is Not Doing These Basic Things For You, Why Are You Even With Him?

Every one of us has our own unique preferences and dealbreakers, but there are certain fundamental requirements that all of us should seek in a lifelong partner. Regardless of his idiosyncrasies, there are some basic traits that every boyfriend should possess. Here are 12 minimum things that your forever guy should do for you.

1. Make You Laugh

It is essential for any man of value to be able to bring a smile to your face. Life can get rough, and you want a partner who can make you laugh regardless of the circumstances. A relationship where neither party takes themselves too seriously has a higher chance of succeeding. If he has a great sense of humor, don't let him go.

2. Make You Feel Safe

You are capable of taking care of yourself, but it is important to have a man who has your back. You would stand up for him if he were in need, and so he should do the same for you. You deserve a man who takes care of you both physically and emotionally. This is not about wealth or physical strength but rather about love and dedication.

3. Teach You New Things

Ending up with someone who doesn't broaden your horizons can be quite dull. One of the most thrilling aspects of being in a relationship is having a partner who can introduce you to new worlds that you had never even considered. Let him teach you a new skill or show you his favorite hobby. You may be pleasantly surprised! And when you reciprocate and share your interests with him, he'll definitely appreciate it.

4. Let You In

A man who is emotionally available may be rare, but he's not an impossible find. Once you do find him, hold onto him tightly. Your relationship will be on a higher level than any you've ever experienced before. It will finally become clear why all your past relationships failed - without emotional intimacy, love cannot survive.

5. Make You Cry — In A Good Way

Finding a man who brings tears of joy to your eyes is a truly valuable catch. You've probably had your fair share of men who made you cry for all the wrong reasons, but this man is different. His affection and devotion take you to depths of emotion that you never thought possible.

6. Help You Grow

Your purpose on earth is to continually evolve, transform and progress as an individual. If you become stagnant, your state of mind will be unhappy. If your relationship does not help your personal growth, you should terminate it. A man worth keeping will constantly motivate you to pursue your objectives and continue trying, even if you fail numerous times.

7. Inspire You

If you gaze at him and think, "He's the kind of person I've always wanted to be with," then you understand that you're in the correct relationship. He consistently impresses you with his modest kindness and insightful intelligence. You feel stronger and more determined with him by your side. He inspires you to act positively and be a better person.

8. Give You All Of His Heart

This extraordinary man will acknowledge your worth and compensate you with his love. He realizes that you're a unique woman and he refuses to take any chance of losing you. You never doubt his emotions for even a moment because he shows them openly. Disregard all the players who toy with your emotions - this is a genuine man.

9. Communicate Well

Effective communication is a crucial aspect of any successful relationship, and a man who is mature and developed understands this well. He is emotionally stable and unafraid to be honest and vulnerable with you. You can speak to him about anything without the fear of judgment or defensiveness. This ability to communicate is a rare quality in men, so it's important to cherish and hold on to such a partner.

10. Allow You To Be Completely Yourself

You feel a sense of belonging and comfort around him, and the two of you are content being your true selves around each other. He respects and loves you for who you are and would never make you feel inferior or foolish. When you find such a man, it's crucial to never let him go.

11. Give You Space And Independence

A confident and strong man understands the importance of trust and freedom in a relationship. He doesn't get jealous or insecure and encourages you to have your own life. He trusts that you love him and values your independence. By doing so, he believes that you will have more to share when you come back together again.

12. Earn Your Trust

In a world filled with deceitful and unfaithful men, finding someone who genuinely cares for you and will never hurt you is a rare and valuable treasure. Appreciate and hold onto such a person who loves you unconditionally. Having a trusted partner in crime by your side makes life much more fulfilling.