If He Doesn't Make You Feel These Things, Don't Marry Him

Consider the man you envision marrying in the future. Can you picture him? Good. Now, assess whether he elicits all the emotions listed below in you. If not, it may be worth reconsidering your decision to marry him.

1. Excited

Are you thrilled or hesitant when envisioning a future with your partner? If you're not experiencing excitement at the thought of spending the rest of your lives together, it's probably best to reject his imminent proposal. (And if you're already engaged, you may want to contemplate not following through with the wedding.)

2. Proud

Do you feel delighted to introduce your partner as your significant other when you meet acquaintances in public, or do you feel ashamed about what others might think of him? If you don't feel proud to refer to him as your boyfriend, consider how uncomfortable you'll be when you have to introduce him as your husband.

3. Secure

Are you confident that you can trust your partner to be loyal and faithful? Is your relationship sturdy enough to withstand the challenges that come with a long-term commitment? If your partner cannot provide you with the reassurance that your relationship can thrive, it's probably not wise to tie the knot. Chances are, you may end up divorcing in the future.

4. Safe

Do you feel secure and protected when your partner is around, or do you feel uneasy even when he's present? If you don't feel safe, it's best not to be with him in the first place. While you can take care of yourself, it's important to feel that he will also take care of you if necessary.

5. Giddy

Do you recall the early days of your relationship when every moment spent together felt like the most amazing experience of your life? When you both were so blissfully happy and couldn't get enough of each other? That's how your future husband should make you feel - perhaps not every day, but most days.

6. Appreciated

When you do something for your partner, does he express his gratitude, or does it appear that he hardly acknowledges it? If he doesn't make an effort to show that your actions matter to him, then it shouldn't matter to him if you leave, should it?

7. Equal

Do you find that you and your partner usually split things equally (such as paying for dates, doing household chores, and spending time at each other's places), or is it difficult to reach a compromise? If you feel that your partner doesn't treat you as an equal, it's best not to stay and discover what his concept of a partnership in marriage is like - it's clear that he doesn't understand the basic principles of being a "partner".

8. Wanted

In other words, he should be sexually attracted to you. If your partner doesn't demonstrate his physical desire for you frequently, how can your marriage thrive? It's best to end things before you become trapped in a loveless marriage.

9. Respected

Does your partner treat you the way he desires to be treated? The "golden rule" is applicable to all aspects of life, including relationships. If you believe that you don't receive enough respect from him currently, his lack of respect will only increase once he realizes that you have no alternative but to stay with him and tolerate mistreatment.

10. Heard

Do you sense that your partner truly listens to you when you speak? I mean, does he genuinely pay attention? If he merely acknowledges everything you say with a nod or a casual "uh-huh," it implies that he is not making an effort to understand your point of view. In a marriage, what you have to say holds significance, and it's essential for your partner to hear you out.

11. Valuable

Does your partner become upset at the thought of losing you? If the idea of you no longer being a part of his life doesn't seem to affect him, it implies that he doesn't place much value on you. And if he sees you as easily replaceable, you might as well let him begin searching for a replacement now.

12. Loved

Marriage, without love, is merely a legal agreement, and how unfulfilling that would be! You are entitled to a partner who cherishes and adores you, exceeding all expectations. Do not accept anything less.