If He Doesn't Give You Butterflies, It's Not Love

Entering a new relationship can be difficult, whether you have intentionally been single for a long time or have experienced many failed relationships in the past. One of the major challenges is determining if the connection you have is genuine, and there is a simple way to find out - through the presence of butterflies. If you experience them, it could indicate that you are in love, but if you don't, it is likely that you are not.

1. You Should Be Nervous

The feeling of nervousness that comes with a new relationship isn't necessarily due to expecting something negative to happen, but rather because something positive is unfolding in the present moment. It's perfectly normal to feel a bit jittery around your new partner when you can't believe how wonderful they are.

2. You Should Be Super Psyched

Butterflies and excitement are like a perfect match, much like hipsters and kale smoothies. If you lack excitement, then what's the point? Love is not supposed to be dull. You already have enough tedious things to deal with in your life.

3. It Means You're Attracted To Him

If you feel completely composed and nonchalant about your first kiss or first sleepover with your partner, it could indicate that you are not truly attracted to them. If you are genuinely in love, your body should still experience those weird, fluttery sensations every time you are together. If you do not feel that way, it could imply that your partner is uninteresting to you.

4. Science Believes Butterflies Equal Love

In 2000, a group of British researchers discovered that falling in love can cause butterflies in your stomach. They examined the physiological changes that occur in both the gut/stomach and the brain during the process of falling in love. Therefore, this phenomenon has been scientifically validated.

5. Love Should Shake Up Your Entire World

It would be strange to remain calm when falling in love. Instead, you are likely to feel a range of intense emotions, act in embarrassing and awkward ways, and not necessarily exhibit your best behavior. This is why love is often compared to a powerful drug.

6. If You Don't Feel Butterflies Now, Then When?

As a relationship progresses, many things tend to change. Both partners may become more occupied with their careers, purchase property, start a family, and so on. It is unrealistic to expect things to improve in the future. Rather, the relationship should be fulfilling and enjoyable in the present moment.

7. He Should Challenge You

While it is important to have a comfortable connection and feel as if you've known your partner for a long time, that doesn't mean the relationship should lack challenges. It is desirable to be with someone who is highly intelligent and can stimulate your mind. The prospect of engaging in a thought-provoking debate or intellectual conversation can certainly evoke strong feelings of excitement and anticipation.

8. Every Ounce Of Your Being Should Feel It

While your rational mind may indicate that a potential partner is an excellent match, your body should also concur. If you are truly in love, it's difficult to resist the intense feelings that arise. This can manifest in ways such as uncontrollable giggling, even if it is out of character for you.

9. You Should Never Be Able To Believe Your Good Luck

If you feel that being with your partner is a given and not a big deal, it's unusual. You should always feel grateful and fortunate to have your partner in your life, and experiencing constant butterflies is a sign that this feeling is genuine.