If He Doesn't Feel Lucky To Be With You, You Shouldn't Be With Him

The game of love is often dictated by luck. While many women may proudly share how fortunate they were to find a great partner, it's important to consider if your partner feels the same way about you. If not, it might be necessary to reassess your relationship.

1. You're One Of A Kind

As your mother has likely emphasized countless times, there is only one you. Being a unique individual, your partner should value and treasure you. Your exceptional beauty, laughter, and intelligence are qualities that no one else possesses, and your partner should appreciate and celebrate all that makes you who you are.

2. You Should Feel Lucky Too

With over seven billion people inhabiting this world, discovering "the one" is quite a stroke of luck. However, finding an incredible guy who meets all your expectations is an even greater fortune. If you adore him for precisely who he is, you are blessed with the greatest luck imaginable.

3. There Is No Such Thing As Leagues

Every individual is equal and fallible; we all make errors and experience human frailties. Therefore, it's essential to abandon the notion of certain men being superior to others. The concept of "leagues" was created to elevate some individuals and degrade others. If you have confidence in yourself, you'll discover a man who recognizes that taking a chance on you was his most significant risk.

4. A Good Partner Is A Confidence Boost

Being in a relationship should boost your self-esteem, not diminish it. Your significant other should motivate you to strive for personal growth and development, rather than making you feel inadequate or inferior. A worthy partner will make you feel valued and appreciated, while a harmful partner will cause you to fret about their other romantic options.

5. Love Is Rare

Rare and valuable things are deserving of admiration and preservation. Being with you is akin to hitting the jackpot. It's as if the odds were in my favor, and everything fell perfectly into place. Just as millions of PowerBall players comprehend, not everyone comes out on top; only a select few are fortunate enough to experience such incredible luck.

6. There Are A Lot Of Fish In The Sea

It's crucial to acknowledge that any man would be fortunate to have you in their life. Consider the vast number of single men worldwide; you could have selected any one of them, but you chose him. That, in itself, is quite remarkable.

7. If You Don't Feel Lucky, You Haven't Found Love

Discovering that special someone enhances your life and increases your happiness. If a man fails to bring you joy or make you feel like the most fortunate person in the world, it's unlikely that you are. Love is challenging to find, so once you have it, you'll want to hold onto it forever.

8. You Deserve Love

You and your partner both deserve authentic love, so it's important to treat each other with the respect and care you both merit. No man should view you as a last option; you deserve to be his initial and sole preference. If you ever feel like you're a second choice, it may be time to consider moving on.

9. Losing You Is A Big Loss

Consider what would happen if you and your partner broke up tomorrow. Would you both be heartbroken, or would only one of you be affected? Losing someone you love should always be a significant loss. If your partner is content with the idea of losing you, it's doubtful that their love for you is genuine.

10. You Want A Man — You Don't Need One

Embrace your independence and remember that you should never compromise for anything less than the best. Your partner should be a part of your life because you desire their presence, not because you require them or fear solitude. You are a strong woman who is capable of thriving independently, and you don't require any special treatment or assistance.