If He Doesn't Do These 9 Things During Sex, You Need To Move On

Emphasizing the significance of sex in a relationship cannot be overstated. Although a bond beyond the bedroom is essential, the quality of intimacy can serve as an indicator of how well you function as a couple. If the sexual aspect is unsatisfactory, the relationship may not endure. In fact, if your partner fails to do these 9 things during sexual encounters, it may be time to consider ending the relationship:

1. Reciprocate

While it's certainly sweet to give without expecting anything in return, if your partner is never reciprocating, it may be time to bid farewell to their selfishness. Sexual intimacy is meant to be a shared experience, and if you wanted to engage in a solitary activity, you could just masturbate.

2. Give Without Taking

It's possible to willingly give your partner a blowjob without receiving oral sex in return. However, if your partner is not reciprocating, it may indicate a problem. A caring partner would want to perform oral sex on you, not because they're expecting a blowjob in return, but because they desire to pleasure you. Failure to do so may signify selfishness.

3. Ask What You Want

Prior to engaging in sexual activity, your partner should have a serious conversation with you about your desires and preferences. This discussion should take place separately from the heat of the moment, allowing him to think with his head and not his penis. Your partner should demonstrate genuine concern for what arouses and pleases you, and if he fails to do so, it may indicate that he doesn't care for you as much as you may have believed.

4. Get It On Even If He Isn't In The Mood

As women, we may engage in sexual activity more frequently than we desire because we value our partner's satisfaction and prioritize their needs. However, this implies that your partner must also make an effort to engage in sexual activity, even if they don't feel particularly aroused. Life can get busy, and maintaining a fulfilling sex life sometimes requires both partners to make a conscious effort. If your partner is unwilling to compromise and meet you halfway, it may be an indication of their approach towards compromise in general.

5. Try New Things

It's common knowledge that in a long-term relationship, trying new things is essential to keep the romance exciting and enjoyable. Although being comfortable with each other is great, it's crucial to avoid becoming bored. If your partner is unwilling to explore new experiences, it may be a warning sign. This behavior is akin to someone who refuses to venture out of the house on weekends and solely eats Domino's, which can become tedious and uninspiring.

6. Get You There First

It's no secret that women typically take longer to reach orgasm than men and that men have a higher success rate. Thus, I firmly believe that your partner should put in extra effort to ensure your satisfaction before their own. Sexual intimacy should be a mutually fulfilling experience, not solely focused on the pleasure of one partner. If your partner fails to understand this, they may need to mature and evolve their mindset.

7. Respect Your Limits, No Matter What

If you express a clear refusal to engage in a specific sexual activity, your partner must respect your boundaries and refrain from continuously asking you to reconsider. Although you may attempt it once or twice to please your partner, if you genuinely know that it doesn't appeal to you, your partner must stop asking you to participate. It's important to acknowledge that you have the right to maintain your preferences and boundaries, and your partner must respect and accept them without question.

8. Actually Mean It When He Asks How It Was For You

Many men ask for feedback after sexual activity, hoping to receive a positive response. However, it's not the same as genuinely inquiring about your experience and seeking to improve your satisfaction during future sexual encounters. It's essential to consider whether your partner is actively listening to your feedback and implementing changes to enhance your intimacy.

9. Not Bail Immediately After To Play Video Games

It's enjoyable to spend some quality time together after sexual activity. However, it can be unpleasant when you attempt to reconnect with your partner, and they're engrossed in a conversation with their gaming friends on the couch. This behavior is unacceptable, and it's essential to spend a few minutes reconnecting with each other after physical intimacy.