If He Does These 5 Things, He Is Not There For You

If He Does These 5 Things, He Is Not There For You

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." As a woman, that old age adage should not apply to you or serve as a reflection of what you experience in your relationship. What you need to know is that everything has a price tag, so do you.

To begin with, your dazzling beauty is second to none, and your worth is priceless. Don't let your vulnerability overshadow your confidence and self-esteem. Finally, it should not serve as a benchmark for manipulation.

Remember, "Time wasted will never be recovered."

Relationships come and go, but your life is worth living happily. To achieve this, you need to get a clear picture of the real problem. Relationships should be none of the factors denying you happiness.

Time and again, both man and woman have that obligation of working together for a common goal, for the sake of their love life. However, if one of you goes astray, it is possible that things will fall apart between you.

In most cases, a man is responsible, and there are telltale signs that you are dealing with a suave relationship manipulator in disguise.

1. When he is not ready to commit

Commitment is the backbone of a working relationship. If he is slow to show any act of commitment, chances are he is buying time with you. Consequently, you will live in hopes that someday things will change for the better.

Eventually, desperation will manifest your well-being when you discover that he was playing with your emotions. You can imagine every element of your wasted effort, numerous lost chances of landing a genuine lover and above all, you are left with a wound in your heart.

The repercussions of his selfishness will leave an everlasting scar that will continuously remind you of how cruel relationships can be.

2. Watch out for his friends

"Show me your friends, and I will tell you what kind of person you are." This is self-explanatory in its context. You need to open your eyes and watch out keenly what kind of friends are around your man. Are they responsible?

What kind of relationships do they have and do they work? Once you find answers to these questions, you are likely to know what you are getting into. Sometimes he will play smart so that it becomes difficult to know more about him from his friends.

The best action to take is to insist on meeting his friends for introductions and try as much as possible to find out more about him.

3. When he does not discuss any future plans with you

Nothing gives a strong foundation to the relationship like sharing future plans together. Be it investing together or taking the relationship to the next level. It is vital that you lay your future plans jointly.

On the contrary, if he is always avoiding any topic that has to do with the future, chances are he is not there for you. He is simply passing time with you and sooner or later he will find greener pasture elsewhere.

4. Too secretive

Yes, we should keep secrets, but not all the time. The advancement in technology has exposed the true nature of people in relationships. Social media and smartphones among other personal items act as a link to our double lives.

For that reason, if he is acting extremely cautious with his mobile phone, personal computer or tablet, it is clear that he is trying to conceal something. Possibly, you are among other women on his list thus the need to be cautious with what can expose him.

Therefore, don't let your curiosity alter your life completely by finding out what lies on the other side. You can either choose to do everything in the open or call it quit to save yourself from unnecessary fights and subsequent heartbreaks.

5. Not giving you quality

Time is of the essence in any given relationship. On the contrary to this expectation, if your partner comes up with lame excuses for not spending a good time with you, take it as a red flag to your love life.

Be it your birthday or any other anniversary that you expect to be together, your partner should always be there for you. If he is constantly 'missing in action' at such important occasions in your life, the truth is he does not appreciate you.

As a result, don't cling to what will drain your efforts. It is like chasing the mirage in a desert to quench your thirst.

Even though time heals the wounds, a broken heart will bear the scar forever.

As mentioned earlier, your life is precious and priceless, enjoy it with the right person.