If He Does These 12 Things On Social Media, He's Not "The One"

The significance of our social media behavior, particularly regarding our relationships, cannot be overlooked. If a boyfriend is engaging in any of the following online activities, he should be removed as a viable option since a good partner is adept at conduct on all platforms.

1. He Doesn't Unfriend His Exes

Regardless of how long they dated or how amicably their relationship ended, I believe it's necessary for my partner to remove his ex-girlfriend from his friends list. There's no justification for them to maintain a friendly relationship on Instagram. If my boyfriend doesn't feel compelled to erase his past love from social media, it's likely because he's not completely over her or he enjoys keeping tabs on her life. Both scenarios are indications that he's not the right person for me.

2. He Posts Sexy Selfies

For whom is he trying to flaunt his body? You witness his physique every day, and at times, multiple times a day, so why is he sharing half-naked pictures of himself on Instagram? It appears as though he's attempting to impress someone other than you, maybe even his ex-girlfriend, whom he has yet to unfollow. Such actions are inappropriate for a boyfriend, particularly if he accompanies them with a suggestive caption.

3. He Trolls People's Accounts

If your boyfriend leaves derogatory remarks on someone's account, whether they're a celebrity or a former friend, then he's definitely not the right person for you, and it's best to report him to the social media authorities. Being impolite to people on the internet is deplorable, and it's certainly not a desirable characteristic. Even if he claims to be "just joking," such behavior is unacceptable. Bullying is never appropriate, so it's better to end things with him.

4. He Argues His Opinions On Facebook

Individuals who engage in arguments in the comment section of Facebook are typically seeking attention. Although it may be a generalization, it's difficult to comprehend why Facebook is the chosen platform for debating with strangers regarding politically charged or contentious issues. Does your boyfriend intentionally post inflammatory content to provoke a reaction? If so, it's best to say goodbye to him because he's acting in an immature and foolish manner, which are negative characteristics.

5. He Doesn't Like Your Posts

Your significant other ought to be your greatest supporter, and they should promptly like every one of your social media posts. It's frustrating when you share a picture with the intention of receiving a complimentary comment from your partner, and they don't acknowledge it. That kind of behavior is certainly not acceptable for a boyfriend. Additionally, doesn't he spend most of his time on his phone anyway?

6. He Spends Too Much Time Scrolling Through His Feed

I'm not suggesting that he needs to maintain constant eye contact with you, but when you're engaged in conversation, he should be attentive and make eye contact with you, even if the topic isn't particularly significant. If he spends more time fixated on his Twitter feed than on looking into your eyes, then he's not giving you the respect and attention that you deserve.

7. He Doesn't Post Pictures Of You

Although I'm guilty of this, it's not because I'm attempting to conceal my relationship status. The reason behind it is that I always appear unattractive whenever a picture is taken of my partner and me. If that's the reason why he hasn't posted any photos of you on his feed, I would excuse him, but only if he mentions you in his stories and possibly even in his bio. Have you been mentioned at all, or is there absolutely no evidence of your relationship on his social media?

8. He's A Totally Different Person On Social Media

On social media, he appears to be the ideal boyfriend. He frequently compliments and congratulates you on even the slightest accomplishments. Nevertheless, in real life, he doesn't exhibit the same behavior. He doesn't express to you directly how much he appreciates having you, which could imply that his online behavior is merely a facade. It's possible that he values being perceived as being in a relationship more than the actual relationship itself.

9. He Checks Instagram Before Responding To You

Forgetting to respond to a call or text once or twice may not be a major issue, but if your boyfriend repeatedly checks social media before responding to you, it could be problematic. It's one thing to overlook a text message, but it's a different matter if he consciously opts not to reply but then proceeds to post multiple minutes worth of content on his Instastory.

10. He Posts "party" Pictures

Don't you think we're a bit too mature to be sharing inebriated pictures of ourselves on social media? It's not only inappropriate but may also have an impact on future or current job opportunities. Your boyfriend should understand this. If he continues to post such pictures, it could be an indication of immaturity and a lack of concern for his future, which also includes his relationship with you. Perhaps it's time to consider moving on from this relationship.

11. He Double Taps On Scantily Clad Photos Of Other Women

You're probably familiar with that "friend" of your boyfriend who enjoys sharing pictures of herself in a bikini, even during the winter months. While you may not feel intimidated by her and consider her to be a nice person, it's still inappropriate for your boyfriend to "like" all of her semi-nude photographs. Such behavior is also disrespectful to you since you're his girlfriend.

12. He Posts Without Your Permission

If your boyfriend is posting pictures of you on social media without your permission, then that's a major issue. He deserves the Worst Boyfriend Award for such behavior. He should understand the significance of seeking your approval before sharing a picture of you with the world. It's possible that he's not paying attention to your preferences or simply doesn't care about your feelings. Either way, it's a clear indication that his behavior needs to change.