If He Can't Get Deep In These 10 Ways, He's Terrible At Intimacy

If your boyfriend embraces you, shares intimate talks, and kisses you, you might believe that he's comfortable with intimacy. However, don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Some men are experts at concealing their profound apprehension of intimacy behind a glittering exterior and are petrified of getting too close to you. Here are ten indications that your boyfriend might be one of them.

1. He Tells Little White Lies

Although seemingly trivial and insignificant, the lies that he tells are evidence that he doesn't feel comfortable being his true self around you. Whether it's a small fabrication about his past, a false account of his workday, or even a trivial lie about his favorite soda brand, he's not being dishonest because he's up to no good. Rather, he's doing so because he doesn't believe he's worthy enough to be in your presence. It's rather melancholy.

2. He Never Gets Mad At You

In a relationship, he constantly fears losing you; therefore, he wouldn't risk worsening things by displaying anger or revealing any imperfections. Those who fear intimacy tend to mask their vulnerabilities and pretend that everything is fine, as they dread the possibility of pushing their partners away. If you and your partner never have disagreements, it may indicate that he's safeguarding himself from emotional pain.

3. He Rarely Lets You Come Over To His House

He's insecure about your perception of his dwelling. Keep in mind that he's intimidated by intimacy, which means he's afraid of opening up to people, only to be disappointed. In his opinion, it's better to spend time at your place, so he doesn't take the chance of you being turned off by the pile of dirty socks on his floor.

4. Everything's Always "Fine"

Your relationship appears to be suspiciously flawless. Individuals who fear intimacy are exceedingly skilled at presenting a lovey-dovey fairytale image. However, they struggle with standing by their partners when things become challenging, not because they're unkind, but because they're apprehensive about being left behind. As long as they can maintain the illusion that the relationship is thriving, you'll remain committed to them, unaware that beneath the surface, they're simmering with anxiety.

5. You Were The One Who Said "I Love You" First

It's highly unlikely that someone who fears intimacy would be capable of expressing those three valuable words first. The danger is simply too significant. He may assert that it's too early to say them or that you'll overreact and terminate the relationship if he does. Alternatively, he may believe that if he says it, you'll become even more attached, and he'll end up disappointing you. It's a situation with no winning outcome.

6. It Took You Forever To Meet His Parents

You had to plead with him for days to introduce you to his family, or perhaps you still haven't met them at all. A man who fears intimacy will postpone this event for as long as he can. He doesn't want you to feel uncomfortable around his eccentric parents or rude elder sibling. It's safer to keep you away from them.

7. Certain Subjects Are Off-limits With Him

There are certain topics that he simply can't discuss. Whether it's his high school years, his parents, his ex-girlfriend, or a random aunt, if he's unable to articulate anything when you bring up one of his taboo subjects, he's embarrassed about something and doesn't feel comfortable disclosing it to you or anyone else, for that matter. He's harboring secrets that may or may not be significant (most likely not), and they're preventing him from growing closer to you.

8. He Sleeps Way On The Other Side Of The Bed

He requires privacy even when you two are sleeping in the same bed. He's not always in the mood to cuddle, especially when he's engrossed in his thoughts. It's reasonable to desire some solitude, but you'll notice that he prefers to spend more time alone than with you, and it's because he's not always prepared to put on his "relationship game face" for you.

9. He Hasn't Had A Lot Of Long-term Relationships

When you inquire about his past, you'll discover that he's never had a long-term, serious girlfriend because he's never permitted it to progress to that level. This guy either infrequently dates or has a remarkable series of brief relationships, the majority of which last only a month or so.

10. He Had A Traumatic Childhood

In case he is afraid of intimacy, it is likely that he had a challenging childhood. He grasped from a very young age that the people closest to him can and WILL abandon/betray/hurt him, so he'd better act accordingly. This is why a guy who's afraid of intimacy will either be exceedingly distant and behave as if he doesn't care or will entirely cling to you for dear life and cater to your every requirement.