If He Can't Figure Out How To Be A Good Boyfriend, I'm Not Going To Waste My Time Teaching Him


Determining what makes a 'good boyfriend' is highly subjective and likely varies based on one's age and values. Nonetheless, there are specific fundamental attributes that every girl seeks in a partner. Personally, I am not willing to invest my time in a guy who lacks these qualities and is either unaware of his shortcomings or unconcerned about improving. I have no intention of coaching someone on how to be a good boyfriend. If he lacks this knowledge, then I am not interested.


1. I'd Rather Be Alone Than With A Guy Who Doesn't Make Me Happy

Staying single appears preferable to being in a relationship with a man whom I cannot rely on or respect. Teaching a man how to be a good boyfriend necessitates more than mere words, and if he isn't making me content presently, I cannot anticipate that to change.

2. There Are Guys Out There Who Know How To Treat Their Girlfriends

Despite the presence of numerous clueless losers, there exist many respectable men who have a clear idea of what they're doing. Even though it may not always seem apparent, I am quite positive that I can locate one of these men if I am willing to persist in my search and refuse to accept anything less than what I deserve.


3. I've Been There, Done That And I'm Over It

During my early 20s, dating primarily involved encountering a never-ending line of men who lacked understanding regarding how to be a good partner. To be fair, I wasn't an ideal girlfriend most of the time either. However, I have moved on from that phase and currently desire a man who, like me, has acquired knowledge and experience along the way.


4. It Should Be Common Sense

A significant portion of being a good boyfriend simply involves utilizing common sense. Engage in open communication, treat me with respect, exhibit thoughtfulness, and make an attempt to connect with my friends. None of these expectations necessitate advanced knowledge. Thus, if a man fails to meet them without my prompting, it constitutes a major issue.


5. I Genuinely Don't Have Time To Waste

I lack the time or patience to engage in pointless arguments with a man regarding issues he should already be aware of. It is tiring, and I have more significant concerns than attempting to instruct him on the foolishness of disregarding me in front of his friends or "forgetting" my birthday.

6. They Should Really Know Better By Now

I am not dating 18-year-olds who lack familiarity with women beyond their high school girlfriend. The men I date are typically in their late 20s to mid-30s, and I anticipate that they have learned a few things regarding what constitutes being a good boyfriend. If they have not, that is a distinct problem.


7. If He Wants To Figure It Out, It's Not Hard

Becoming a good boyfriend is a relatively straightforward task for a man who genuinely desires to do so. Therefore, if he has yet to achieve this status, it is likely because he lacks the will to do so. In that case, he probably has no interest in being in a relationship altogether, and I will do him a favor by allowing him to return to the magnificent life of being a perpetual bachelor.


8. I Don't Think I'm Asking For Much

By and large, I am not a high-maintenance girlfriend. I am not requesting that a man undergo a complete personality overhaul, possess a physique like a Greek deity, or earn a substantial amount of money. My expectations are relatively simple: listen to me when I speak, demonstrate concern for my emotions, and be available when I require his support. If a man finds this to be too much, then he is not the one for me.


9. It Has A Lot To Do With Basic Respect

Demonstrating respect for those around you is a fundamental aspect of being a decent human being. Consequently, I am unwilling to date a man who lacks this quality, as it is not something I am capable of or obligated to teach him.

10. Maybe We're Just Not Compatible

A man who may appeal to one woman's preferences may not necessarily align with every woman's expectations. My personal stance is that I am not interested in altering or "training" a man to conform to my ideals. If we are incompatible, attempting to coerce a relationship to function is pointless.