If He Acts Like He Doesn't Care, Then He Doesn't Care

If He Acts Like He Doesn’t Care, Then He Doesn’t Care

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but the truth is, if he acts like he doesn't care, there's no doubt because he simply doesn't. Here are some hard truths to reflect upon as that bitter truth settles in.

Trust his actions

It's true what they say about actions speaking louder than words. Despite anything he may say, if he behaves in such a way that shows he couldn't care less about you or your feelings, that should be a cue to let it go. Pay more attention to what he is trying to tell you with his actions and inactions.

It has to be mutual because you can't force love

When it comes to relationships, it always takes two to tango. If you are putting in all the work and his actions show that the feeling is not mutual, it may be time to count your losses and move on. If it's not freely given, then it's not worth having, so don't ever feel like you can make someone love you. You shouldn't have to bend over backwards, doing your best to impress a guy when he's clearly not interested in doing the same for you.

It will only get worse with time

If you insist on holding on, those feelings of shattered self-esteem will only become worse. Your self-worth will take a nosedive from which you may never recover fully. You will find yourself questioning your self-worth and being thrown into a state of constant self-doubt as you try and understand why he couldn't give back all that you freely gave him. Let go fast, because the longer that you hold onto the shipwreck, the deeper into the storm you will find yourself, and all you will be doing is drowning.

You are not to blame

You are not to blame for his actions and inactions. We all have choices, and if he chooses not to see what a wonderful person you are, that is his loss, because someone else most certainly will. He will try to blame you for what he does and doesn't do, just don't let him.

It's not always this hard

Yes, he makes you work and work for his attention and affection, but that's not the way it should be. He may act so indifferently, but don't let that mess with your perspective of what a relationship should be like. A great guy will come along, and he will teach you that love shouldn't be such hard work.

You deserve better

There's just no better way to put it; You deserve someone who genuinely cares about you and is not afraid to let it show. You deserve a guy who will love you even at your worst. You can do so much better than a self-absorbed and obnoxious douchebag who gets a kick out of putting you down all the time.

Let time heal you

Even with the realization that you deserve better, it may still take you a while to get over everything and heal. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen if you give yourself enough time. Give him a taste of his own medicine and show him you don't care too and move on with your life.

He may not say it with his words, but if he acts like he doesn't care about you, listen carefully and do yourself the favor of letting go and moving on. He's definitely not worth the stress.