If Being Together Is Destiny…


Some say it’s a fairy tale, others say it’s unreal and unstable. Whatever they say cannot influence my decision. I am hellbent on it that it can stay, it can survive the cold and harsh weather of this present world. Yes, my love for you is real, true, undiluted and passionate. How I sincerely wish we can put our differences aside. I wish you and I can be a standard to prove that True Love does exist and transcend time. Can we ever make this work?

We have indeed given in to the pressure of separation.

I am deeply convinced that we will survive this scare. I know I have my deficiencies and inadequacies, they are known, it’s obvious. One thing I am sure of is that my hope for this relationship will make it survive. They say ‘’whatever is meant to be will surely be’’, I am deeply confident that we will survive this and we will be just as we are meant to be.

Remember, how we started when we were both drunk on the wine of love.

Those times when forever was too small to contain our excitement, passion, and desire to be together. We would speak about everything possible, we were the envy of all. A spectacle among friends and family. We saw the future together. How quickly things change. I am still waiting and trusting that all of these are just a mere dream or a period that will soon pass. All I desired was to hear your voice daily and this used to be what your heart yearned for too.

Looking at our dreams, passions, and interest we tend to be greatly different from one another. Our Backgrounds speak volumes on why we can’t survive together but I am still optimistic that even though we are passing through a blazing fire now we will come out shining together.

Pursuing your dream job drew us apart.

I can’t find my place in what you do and in what excites you. The truth is that we are apart because of these things. As we have chosen to separate now, you will focus on what you want to achieve with your life and I will likewise do the same. But I am fully assured that if we are supposed to be together forever then fate will bring us together again.

I remember how we both desired to see the World together. We desired to write about our experiences in our book. We wanted to see our kids grow in a large home. I sincerely hope to see us do the things we planned doing together. Who says it’s not possible, if we work on our difference then we will see it come to pass.

Even though it looks like it can never happen, I tend to put my trust in the view that nothing is impossible.

I wish I could have foresight to what the future has for us, I wish that my hope of having you by my side at the end of our days be a reality that cannot be changed by anyone. I wish to grow old with you. I know I can’t make these things happen by forcing them, I would rather wait for nature to take its course. My hope won’t be shaken, I believe in fate.

I know you may think I am being too imaginative or engaging my mind in vain thinking. You may as well lay claims that I am being childish, immature or living in dreamland, but I believe in us. I believe that we can make this work, I believe we can birth this relationship again. With only more effort, more patience, perseverance and uninterrupted persistence. I believe if we inculcate this we will be able to fly again, we will reach far beyond those heights we have always desired together.

I am so convinced no matter what is happening in our relationship now, that it will pass. I am so confident this bond that we share will not die. It will lead us back to each other in no time. I believe that though we choose the route of separation now, we will surely be back together because true love is like a mustard seed which after being sown, successfully survives the harsh weather conditions to birth a giant tree difficult to uproot.