If A Man Really Wants You, He Will Go After You (It's Not That Complicated)

If A Man Really Wants You, He Will Go After You (it’s Not That Complicated)

You've probably been in a relationship where your man showed little interest in you. Most of the time, avoiding you and rarely taking you out. You doubted if he really loved you but decided to hang on for a while to see how everything would turn out. Eventually, you decided to back down and see if he would come after you, but he didn't.

Every one of us has, at one point in our lives, allowed a man to take us for granted. We saw the red flags, and we did nothing about it. Maybe we hoped for the better or tried to change them, but the truth is, it's futile to expect your man to love you when his actions prove otherwise.

A man who wants to be with you will show it by how he acts. He will openly express interest and do everything to prove his love for you. He will take you out on numerous dates and make you feel good. He will treat you nicely and express love with both actions and words. You will see it without having to force anything and you will find happiness in the relationship.

On the other hand, a man who doesn't value you will still claim to love you. He will express interest, but mostly verbally. His actions will show no intense love, causing you to doubt him. He will not care to avoid hurting you, will not keep promises, and will most of the time avoid taking you out.

Should you see these red flags, don't hesitate to run away. Do so fast, and save yourself the agony of being dumped. He will eventually leave you when the little love he is showing finally dies. Read the signs early enough and make the bold step of ending the relationship.

You have no reason to be with a man who's not into you. You're only wasting your precious time and giving him the opportunity to hurt your feelings. Trying to win him over is being naive. You can't force a man to love you. If he doesn't, he won't. Just make the difficult decision and call it quits. It's better you end it now than have to go through a hard time after being rejected.

Learn to read the signs even before you open your heart to a man who's hesitant to prove his love. Don't be quick to love a man who avoids communicating with you most of the time or one who avoids being seen with you in public. It's a sign that he's undecided and not ready to take the relationship to a higher level. He is avoiding commitment.

You're a wonderful woman, valuable, beautiful, and deserving of a better man. A man who will love you for who you are. One who expresses his love for you through both words and actions. Someone who will be ready to reciprocate your love. A man who's prepared to introduce you to his friends and relatives. A man who's ready to show the world that the two of you are in love.

You are too valuable for anything less than true love. Don't give your heart to a man whose actions in the relationship are devoid of love. Be bold and demand your worth. Let the man who wants your heart pursue you. Let him show his interest in you openly and strongly, leaving no room for doubts.